Language Technology Dominates in Research, RFPs, and Funding

SlatorPod #152 - Language Tech Dominates

Florian and Esther discuss the language industry news of the week, kicking off with highlights from Slator’s latest Game Localization Report. The 100-page report outlines the role that localization plays in bringing games to life and onto the market.

In funding news, former Keywords Studios’ Exec, Andrea Ballista, raised EUR 1m in a seed round for his new machine dubbing venture, Voiseed. The funds will go towards Voiseed’s voice platform, Revoiceit, by improving its patented AI core technology and proprietary emotional multilingual dataset.

Former SlatorPod guest and ADAPT Centre’s MT researcher Yasmin Moslem co-authored a paper recently on whether GPT-3 — the large language model behind ChatGPT — is capable of enhancing “adaptive MT.”

The European Commission are putting out a EUR 20m tender for Natural Language Understanding and Interaction in Advanced Language Technologies. The RFP will be open until 29 March 2023 and currently has 37 applicants offering their expertise. 

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Over in North America, Public Services and Procurement Canada were required to report on the steps that they were taking to protect the health and safety of federal interpreters. The order came from Canada’s Labor Program following an increase in incidents linked to sound quality, including an October 2022 injury that sent an interpreter to the hospital.