LanguageWire appoints Jacob Thuren Falkenham Jørgensen as Chief Strategy Officer

COPENHAGEN — February 7, 2017LanguageWire, the European tech company that connects businesses with language experts via an innovative platform, has announced a new addition to its executive management team.

The company has acquired Jacob Thuren Falkenham Jørgensen for the newly created role of Chief Strategy Officer. From LanguageWire’s headquarters in Copenhagen, Jacob will take on responsibility for strategic business development and M&A strategy.

Jacob comes to LanguageWire with seven years’ experience in management consulting and three years as Head of Operations in PFA, the largest pension company in Denmark. Furthermore, his educational background includes Kogod School of Business, a top university in Washington D.C., and FinanceWatch listed him as one of the top management talents in Denmark in 2015.

Jacob will take on this new challenge in the 40bn USD, and growing, language industry. An industry in which LanguageWire is among the largest players.

In his new role, Jacob will facilitate the strategic direction of LanguageWire. This includes a focus on moving the company into a SaaS business model and identifying potential acquisition or partner opportunities. “The language market is fragmented, with numerous players trying to find their position in the market,” Jacob said. “LanguageWire stands out from the crowd with its proprietary language collaboration platform. This innovative platform saves companies significant time and resources on their multilingual content creation processes.”

The benefits of the new hire are clear to LanguageWire CEO, Henrik Lottrup, “In a growing market, we need to ensure our decisions are based on solid research and analysis,” Lottrup said. “With his experience, I believe Jacob will be key to managing this process and aligning the goals and expectations across the group. This will help LanguageWire realise its long-term potential by enabling our continuous growth and development.”

According to the Centre for Next Generation Localisation, localisation is the 4th fastest-growing industry in the United States, so there will be some pressure to manage that growth resting on Jacob’s shoulders. He looks forward to that challenge, “We live in an age where the diversity and volume of digital content are exploding. Customers expect great content and relevant messages across a multitude of channels, formats and locales. It’s a space where fast-moving companies like LanguageWire are redefining the way content is brought to market. I look forward to acting in this high pace industry with strong growth and global M&A activity.”

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