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[Copenhagen, Denmark, 15/03/2021]LanguageWire today launched LanguageWire Translate, a new instant translation technology designed and engineered for professionals who appreciate managing content efficiently and require quality translations with enterprise-grade security. With a simple UI, adaptive AI capabilities, a cloud-based data security infrastructure, and support for complete drag-and-drop document translation in format, LanguageWire Translate is the best combination of efficiency, convenience, accuracy, adaptability, and security for enterprise-grade instant translation. 

LanguageWire Translate delivers a powerful instant translation experience in an intuitive package which gives professional users the power of real-time oversight and management of multilingual content at the touch of a button. Instant translations are executed automatically, preserve document formatting, and are inherently secure within a best-in-class, enterprise-grade security infrastructure which does not allow for the sharing, re-use, or storing of translations which could in any way leave customers and their work vulnerable. LanguageWire Translate’s instant translation solution is scalable and adapted to the specific needs of each enterprise, in a monthly subscription model which allows for improved customisation, eliminates waiting periods, and stabilizes spend predictability.

“We are extremely excited to launch LanguageWire Translate. Multiple customers have shown a need for high-quality, instant translations delivered in a secure environment”, said Mikkel Lundø, LanguageWire’s Chief Commercial Officer. “LanguageWire Translate was designed with our enterprise customers in mind, and we can’t wait to further support them through our industry-leading AI technology to help increase productivity and simplify management of content; without the increased time, effort, or spend.”

Designed with professionals in mind, the benefits of LanguageWire Translate provides simplicity for users in marketing or legal, compliance for the CIO, reliability for the CFO, and confidence for the COO:

  • One-click, instant translations of copied texts or drag-and-drop documents.
  • Full document translations preserve original formatting.
  • Translation Memory add-on leverages the customer’s language data to enhance quality.
  • Tailored, scalable monthly pricing plans for spend efficiency and predictability.
  • Cloud-based, enterprise-grade security infrastructure.

LanguageWire Translate is built on the company’s existing AI technology. Compared to other third-party Neural Machine Translation (NMT) solutions, the LanguageWire custom NMT solution is 26% more accurate, according to a linguistic analysis on quality. “Our unique team of machine learning experts works continuously to enhance the capabilities of our NMT based on the latest advancements in the field of machine learning, to ensure ongoing best-in-class quality”, said Roeland Hofkens, LanguageWire’s Chief Product & Technology Officer. “Our approach to AI technology is rooted in a deep respect for our customer’s privacy. We construct AI solutions based on the highest standard of data privacy to ensure all information remains in the hands of our customers.” 

LanguageWire Translate joins the LanguageWire ecosystem of AI- and technology-based language management software and services with the purpose of having a tailorable solution suited to the specific needs of each customer.


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