LAT Multilingual announces partnership with WPML

First Canadian authorized translation partner for the popular WordPress Multilingual Plugin

VANCOUVER, September 19, 2016 – LAT Multilingual is pleased to announce they are now an authorized translation partner for WPML, and the first and only partner located in Canada. This partnership will provide easy access to LAT Multilingual’s translation experts through the convenient WPML WordPress plugin, providing clients with faster and more efficient website translations.

The LAT Multilingual team of translators from around the world specializes in adapting and crafting clients’ marketing messages for other languages. They understand marketing, the linguistic communities they live in and the industries they work in, and are able to provide translations customized to the market needs of their clients.

The idea for this partnership originated when LAT Multilingual started receiving more requests for website translations, not only from English to French for the Canadian market, but for other languages as well, from companies who recognize global opportunities.

“In Canada, a bilingual website is not only ‘nice to have’, it is a must. This collaboration with WPML will make it easier for our clients to localise their WordPress site into Canada’s official languages, as well as in other languages,” says Lise Alain, president, LAT Multilingual. “At LAT, we strongly believe that investing in cultural understanding and adapting online content allows brands to grow by reaching deeper into today’s global marketplace.”

The challenge with many website translations is that clients only think about the content on the customer facing webpages. They forgot how much text is in the background – meta descriptions, keywords, pop-ups, call-to-action buttons, error messages and more. For years, companies have struggled with the most efficient way to send web content for translation, a fundamental technical problem.

WPML solves this issue. Using the plugin, clients can choose one, some or many webpages or parts of pages for translation, and all content related to that page will be delivered to LAT for translation. Once the text has been adapted for the target audience, LAT will send the translated version back to the plugin within the client’s website administration screens. The webpage preparations can be easily completed by the client to display their content in the new language on their website.

“Because of its bilingual nature, Canada is a great market for multilingual sites. WordPress and WPML make it easy to build these sites and now we can offer native translation to our Canadian clients with LAT Multilingual,” says Amir Helzer, CEO of OnTheGoSystems. “We know how important it is to offer translation that understands the culture and nuances of the language. I’m sure that clients in Canada or those looking to reach the Canadian audience will benefit from the new integration with LAT Multilingual.”

According to W3Techs, almost 60% of websites use the WordPress platform, which is why focuses on providing the WordPress platform with multilingual plugin solutions. LAT Multilingual is also available to assist with sites not in WordPress, and for the translation and adaption of all marketing materials, including proofreading, auditing of translated websites, and social media.

About LAT: Founded in 1999, LAT Multilingual provides translation and digital marketing services to a variety of clients across Canada and the U.S., specializing in adapting marketing content into other languages for their clients. LAT Marketing is LAT’s first in-market subsidiary in Québec, with the mandate to help companies engage with their French Canadian customers.

About WPML: WPML is a plugin for WordPress that allows users to build multilingual websites and translate them. WPML helps build anything from simple blogs to large enterprise sites. WPML is a product of OnTheGoSystems, offering support 6 days a week, 19 hours a day, in 9 languages.

For further information: Contact LAT at (tel: 1-866-936-3833), or click here to get started with translating your website.