Latest SDL Machine Translation Sets New Standard as Essential Business Technology

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Removes Language Barriers by Enabling Brands to Apply Neural Machine Translation (NMT) to Customer Experience, Analytics, eDiscovery, Internal Communications and More

MAIDENHEAD, UK–October 10, 2019 – SDL (LSE: SDL), a global leader in content creation, translation and delivery, today announced the latest version of SDL Machine Translation (MT), which goes beyond automatic translation integrating with multiple platforms to be a key technology for digital customer experience, eDiscovery, analytics, internal communications and collaboration. 

Powered SDL Linguistic AI™, Hai, combined with neural MT, SDL Machine Translation is a scalable, flexible solution that can be deployed in almost any scenario, breaking down language barriers for enterprises and government organizations, and improving business processes and return on investment (ROI).

Global organizations need to translate, understand and gain insight and intelligence across multiple channels, sources and applications. While translating content for international customers and audiences has become relatively straightforward, the latest version of SDL Machine Translation surpasses current technologies, allowing brands to instantly translate anything from audio and videos, to regulated files and Word documents, as well as content shared across internal workflows. The solution can be integrated with many popular tools and platforms including web browsers, helping employees to instantly translate and understand any foreign language content.

One SDL partner, Cellebrite, the global leader in digital intelligence solutions for the Law Enforcement, Government and Enterprise market, has embedded SDL Machine Translation within its own product, Cellebrite Smart Translator module for UFED Physical Analyzer, enabling clients and intelligence analysts to automatically translate foreign language content used to identify criminal activity.

“Global law enforcement agencies and corporate legal teams are continually challenged by multi-language communications as part of their digital investigations,” said Ori Nurick, EVP Product Management, Cellebrite. “Our partnership with SDL enables us to leverage the latest advancements in neural machine translations along with their 20 years of experience to provide multilingual translation to our global customers. Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence platform with capabilities from SDL will provide investigators accelerated timelines to gain critical insights.” 

SDL Machine Translation uses SDL’s Linguistic AI to add efficiency, intelligence and improve the quality of translations. It instantly identifies languages and goes beyond other platforms by checking the output quality of translations, learning from previous translations and analyzing content to make the whole translation process more transparent.

“The latest version of SDL Machine Translation marks an exciting milestone for our customers and the industry, as SDL yet again raises the bar on machine translation performance and quality,” said Jim Saunders, Chief Product Officer. “We have moved machine translation beyond being a simple business commodity, to become a critical business application – supporting customer experience, internal communications and almost any type of foreign language communication. It’s truly breaking down language barriers and should be at the centre of any globalization strategy.”

SDL Machine Translation offers brands multiple deployment options. SDL Machine Translation Edge (previously SDL Enterprise Translation Server) is built for high performance, flexible usage, and content-intensive tasks, and is available as a secure on-premises (or private cloud) platform. SDL Machine Translation Cloud (previously SDL BeGlobal), offers a cloud based solution for broad language coverage and ease of use among globally distributed teams. This means that companies can use machine translation within their own enterprise or integrate within their own products and services.

Customers benefit from 120+ neural language pairs across a wide variety of languages, including some of the most challenging: Russian, Chinese (simplified) and Korean. Where a language pair isn’t available, language chaining can also be used, giving the user to use a third language. A built-in secure training environment enables users to adapt generic language pairs using their own data to achieve better accuracy – allowing organizations to address very specific use cases and content profiles.

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