LatinoBridge Translation Agency Celebrates Over 38 Million Words Translated!

LatinoBridge Translation Agency

Argentina, December 2022

Businesses with objectives to compete with markets abroad and tap into a larger pool of customers demand the highest levels of accurate communication and translation.

LatinoBridge, the Latin American translation agency, announces that it has now successfully translated over 38 million words since 2010, with high-quality language translation and interpretation, connecting Latin America and the rest of the world. This announcement comes in line with the recent news of opening the agency’s two new offices in the United States of America and the United Kingdom, as part of its expansion plan.

With these new achievements, the LatinoBridge team continues the goal they set over a decade ago providing the best language translation and interpretation services to Latin America and the rest of the world. “True to its name bridge for Latin America, the company allows Latin Americans to communicate and do business with the rest of the world while also allowing the rest of the world to speak directly to Latin Americans without any complications,” a senior representative from LatinoBridge stated.

The representative continued that over the years the company has  been providing a comprehensive set of language translation services, both into and out of Latin American languages: “Due to our LatAm roots, the team is experienced, trained, and committed to complete satisfaction of the clients, providing the highest qualities in all Spanish variations like Argentine Spanish (Rioplatense), Mexican Spanish, and Chilean Spanish, Uruguayan Spanish, in addition to Portuguese (European), and even the finest complexities in Brazilian Portuguese.”

The translation is seen as a worthwhile investment requiring a professional translator or a translation company to better communicate with customers, grow brand potential, and make providing any required legal documents easier.

It is more than just changing words into another language. It also covers many theoretical approaches like culture and context. As a result, hiring the best translation services for a company’s global expansion becomes essential. And it becomes rather critical when the Latin American languages are addressed, especially with the rich history that has affected the various dialects used by over 658,089,208 million people in South America and the Caribbean today, according to the latest report by the World Bank.

There are over 448 languages spoken in Latin America, many of which are unclassified. There are 37 indigenous language families spoken across the continent that are co-official languages of Hispanic countries.

For this, LatinoBridge completes the full cycle with professional services, starting from translating professionally and highly accurately with eloquence from and to Latin America, transcription in translating words not only in the right way but with the right intention, software that will make it native in the actual words, mobile localization managing the diverse and understanding the user experience.

It also offers website localization with a network certified, trained and native localization professionals, desktop publishing in print with capturing the culture of Latin America visually and linguistically, voice-over services with style and intonation, MTPE whether it’s refined content or post-editing services, and lastly subtitling competent and close captioning at the highest quality and reasonable rates.

LatinoBridge also serves a wide variety of industries such as legal translation, media translation, medical and health care, education, marketing, finance, technology and communication, automotive, consumer electronics, agriculture, and environment in many languages.

The LatinoBridge representative also clarified that “Translation is required for the global dissemination of new information, knowledge, and ideas. It is necessary for effective communication between cultures. Translation has the potential to change history in the process of disseminating new information.”

The translation is more than just changing words. It also includes theoretical approaches like culture and context. As a result, hiring the best translation services for the company’s global expansion becomes essential.

New applications, software systems, and tools are developed every day in the world of translation; however, to fully deliver the target language needed, specialization, professional theoretical approaches to different cultures and contexts, human skills, native language, industry-experienced linguists, and quality have a great role to play, to ensure accurate translation and that every piece of information is adequately conveyed.

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About LatinoBridge:

LatinoBridge was started in 2010 to provide Latin America and the world with the finest services in language translation and interpretation. Based throughout Latin America, they are a bridge for Latin Americans to do business well with the rest of the world and for the world to speak directly to Latin Americans.