Layout Preview of InDesign Documents During the Translation Process With ONTRAM

Translating texts without having an idea of the layout of the original document often turns out to be a considerable challenge.

  • You are supposed to translate an InDesign document but you don’t know the actual layout?
  • You are not sure if your translation will fit into the text frame of the InDesign document?
  • Should the copy be translated in full detail or rather as a brief version of the original?

No more trouble with missing licenses

  • You would like to check the original document but do not own an Adobe InDesign license?
  • Or maybe you got back translations that are far too long for the desired layout?
  • Formatting and styles that would be visible immediately within the document are suddenly not in place where they should be or they are missing completely?
  • You are not at your workplace but would like to have a glance at the layout nonetheless?

Our web-based Translation Management System ONTRAM is offering the right solution for all these problems thanks to its integrated Live Preview. No additional costs are charged for InDesign licenses for external participants of the translation process.


Every user involved in the translation process can create an accurate layout preview without the need of having InDesign installed on their computer.

This is particularly relevant for translators as they can instantly see in the ‘check files’ which texts need translation and which ones don’t. Users can see an HTML view of their texts, download a document without the texts to be translated or one with all the identified texts.

Erroneously made translations for example of placeholder copies or unnecessary number columns can be avoided. It will always be clearly evident which data needs translation and which does not.

You will immediately see potential text overflows and can, therefore, shorten the texts accordingly in the particular language. Occasionally, target language texts may be longer than in the source language.

Fig: Filter Check Files in ONTRAM

No more exchange formats

  • Avoiding exchange formats also means avoiding loss of information and the need to lead annoying discussions. Your projects will run on a central online platform and are instantly accessible for your users.
  • The integrated status and change tracking makes it transparent which user made which amendment to the text.
  • With just one click you get an overview of the progress of the translations. This lets you keep track of all active projects.

Test ONTRAM now and get to know the benefits our centralized online solution can offer you.