Leading Insurance Company Recruits ‘AI Localization Analyst’

Linguists Wanted as Leading Insurance Company Recruits AI Localization Analyst

Insurance company Chubb (whose parent company Chubb Limited is an American company incorporated in Zürich, Switzerland) has added a new role to its roster: AI Localization Analyst

Considering Chubb’s history and scale, as “the world’s largest publicly traded P&C insurance company” with roots in the late 18th century, the new job post indicates AI’s now-mainstream status.

The opening was originally posted on October 16, 2023, with an application deadline of November 13, 2023. According to LinkedIn, having already received 66 submissions, Chubb was no longer accepting applications as of October 23, 2023 (though it is possible the company may still accept materials on its own website).

Based in London as part of the AI Business Solutions group, the AI Localization Analyst will be tasked with adapting and optimizing Chubb’s AI systems for “specific cultures, languages and regions to ensure their successful implementation and adoption in different parts of the world.”

The job post appeared shortly after Chubb opened its technology center in Thessaloniki, Greece, where “more than 100 technical engineers and developers [are] focused on intelligent process automation, machine learning, cloud, and data analytics, as well as cybersecurity and modernization of infrastructure systems,” the company wrote in a LinkedIn post.

Chubb CEO Evan Greenberg also told investors during a first-quarter earnings call that the company has already experimented with AI for “a variety of use cases.”

Proven Experience in Localization

Some of the key responsibilities will be familiar to language industry veterans: translation across a range of formats, including digital, print, audio, and video media; collaboration with developers, language experts, and testers; and work on terminology databases and glossaries. 

On the AI front, this professional will develop and implement AI system localization strategies; test AI systems throughout the development cycle; identify and help update or correct gaps or errors in an AI language model; and help improve the language and training data for AI systems.

Candidates must have a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Linguistics, International Relations, Language Studies, or a related field, plus “proven experience in localization and internationalization of software products, preferably AI systems.” Other required skills are, again, common to the language industry: analysis, collaboration, communication, project management, and attention to detail. 

Interestingly, while Chubb has a presence in 54 countries, the job post notes that candidates must be fluent in English and at least two of the following languages: Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and Spanish (affectionately known in the field as ‘P-FIGS’). The relatively small set of languages might hint at a limited initial rollout of whatever end-product(s) may be connected to Chubb’s AI language model.