Leading Latin American Service Provider is Ranked 1st in Sustainable Growth

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Stillman Translation credits core focus on quality control and customer excellence.

Stillman Translations was ranked 1st in sustainable growth within the language services industry over the three years from 2018–-2020 by leading research organization CSA Research. This ranking is in addition to being ranked the 2nd fastest-growing language service provider for the year 2020 and after being ranked one of the leading language service providers in Latin America by the same organization. 

Stillman Translations has been supporting some of the world’s leading brands for over 10 years. Founded in 2011 as a linguistic quality assurance organization, Stillman Translations has acted as a trusted third-party vendor implementing programs that minimize risk and improve organizational efficiency. With headquarters in the localization production hub of Argentina, Stillman Translations also has production centers in Egypt and Peru with sales offices in the US, UK, Brazil, and Argentina.

Hugo Rizzi, Stillman Translations’ founder and CEO, stated “Our core focus has always been quality control. This has allowed us to excel within life sciences, medical devices, and health care. We also work to ensure linguistic access for some of the largest school districts within the United States and most recently supported Pfizer in their COVID-19 vaccination efforts through the translation of over 1M words. We continue to focus on our three main drivers – customer excellence, industry leadership, and community. We provide a pathway for our linguists to continue to grow and assume greater areas of responsibility within our organization. All of our project coordinators and managers understand the challenges of interpreting and translation from their own personal experience.”

María Carolina Li GambiTransversal Relations Manager, dedicated to process efficiency stated, “This really is a credit to our team and their dedication to our clients and linguists; after receiving ISO 9001 certification earlier this year, our team continues to achieve milestones in 2021.”

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For over a decade, Stillman Translations has been a leading provider of industry-specific language support.

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