Leading TransPerfect’s Technology Division With Matt Hauser

Matt Hauser TransPerfect Senior Vice President for Technology

TransPerfect Senior Vice President in charge of technology, Matt Hauser, joins SlatorPod to share his experience in building the technology division at what is now the world’s largest language service provider.

Hauser explains why they bet early on the cloud when building their translation management system, Global Link, and how the TMS is deployed across much of production at TransPerfect and across hundreds of enterprise clients.

He discusses the importance of connectors and building and maintaining that content on-ramp to clients.

Matt agrees with Florian that post-editing MT as a process is beginning to reach maturity — and is now standard operating procedure in most areas where it makes sense.

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The discussion then touches on how TransPerfect is taking a deliberate and client-centric approach in the tech integration of Semantix, TransPerfect’s largest acquisition to date.

Finally, Matt shares his views on how to hire and motivate an effective technology sales force.