Leinhäuser Language Services and Macklin Officially Announce Their Merger

Unterhaching near Munich, January 31, 2019 – The Munich-based translation service provider Macklin GmbH is merging, with retroactive effect from January 1, 2019, with the multilingual text agency Leinhäuser Language Services GmbH.

Claudia Link-Beier, formerly the Managing Director of Macklin, will join Leinhäuser Language Services’ management team, which until now has been made up of Heike Leinhäuser, Birgit Albrecht-Klein and Ramón Blanco.

The Macklin team will continue, under the umbrella of Leinhäuser Language Services, to provide the high level of translation and DTP quality that it is known for while simultaneously offering a broader portfolio in all text and new media services.

Leinhäuser Language Services is expanding its market position within the premium segment through its new additions to the employee and management teams as well as through its now wider customer base.

Left to right. H. Leinhäuser, C. Link-Beier, B. Albrecht-Klein, R. Blanco

“I am very pleased by the merger of our two companies,” says Heike Leinhäuser, Managing Director of Leinhäuser Language Services GmbH. “We’re adding momentum to our already steady growth thanks to new employees with a high level of expertise. They will blend harmoniously into the Leinhäuser team in the way they approach their work as well as in terms of their personalities. We all work on an equal footing with our clients. And all our account managers are translators and language specialists in their own rights – an important aspect in our decision, since our merger was not the result of a business imperative nor was it driven by investors. The management at both companies simply saw the benefits of joining together as well as the added bonus of being even better prepared for the future.”

“I came to know and appreciate Heike Leinhäuser and her colleagues through our many years of collaboration within the QSD e.V.,” says Claudia Linke-Beier. “Leinhäuser Language Services shares our values as well as our high claim to quality and service. Given the challenges of the future, this merger was a logical step in order to combine forces and make use of synergies. All of us at Macklin look forward to being part of the Leinhäuser team and to contributing to our collective success.”

About Leinhäuser Language Services GmbH

As a multilingual text agency, Leinhäuser Language Services specializes in the high demands of corporate and financial communications and provides services including professional translation, transcreation and Senior Editing as well as copywriting in various languages for print, digital and audiovisual media. A steadily growing company, it has been successfully active within the market for more than 20 years and continually adapts and expands its service portfolio according to the demands of international communications. From their offices in Germany, the 50-person team ensures, with the help of its network of global partners, that customer messaging is communicated successfully and understood correctly around the globe.

About Macklin GmbH

As a professional partner for international communications, Macklin GmbH has been supporting customers from the industrial, economic and hospitality sectors as well as marketing agencies, law firms, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies for more than 30 years. Focus areas include professional translation, interpreting services, editing and transcreation. Through their expertise, dedication and worldwide network of hand-picked language specialists, the team strikes a balance between their comprehensive service portfolio, high quality and personalized service.

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