Letrário Makes the XTRF Leap

XTRF and Letrario

One hot summer day in July 2017, the Lisbon-based Letrário team put in a call to XTRF. The rest, as they say, is history.

Letrário’s all about the customer. Established back in 1999, the agency is renowned for its meticulous (if not painstaking) approach to translation.

Their mission? To make their customers aware that their projects are as important to Letrário as they are to them.

But with a portfolio of clients that spans the globe that’s certainly no mean feat. So how do they do it? — we hear you ask.

It all comes down to bringing together the finest professionals in the field of translation and the most efficient technological tools. That’s where XTRF comes in.

Technology in translation is a no brainer

As many of us in the industry are all too aware, the use of technology in translation has become increasingly important in recent years. In fact, it’s unlikely a translation agency could survive without it nowadays.

Not wanting to jeopardize customer satisfaction, Letrário decided that they needed a platform that not only was compatible with their chosen CAT tool but that would also automate and streamline the entire translation workflow.

Customizable and customer friendly

XTRF was exactly what they were looking for. The ability to send quotes to potential customers at the touch of a button worked wonders in terms of time management.

The customization potential of the platform was also well suited to Letrário’s needs. Thanks to the help of the XTRF team they were able to implement a series of tools to centralize certain aspects of their workflow.

This, in turn, has facilitated increased productivity and customer response times, with improved scheduling, planning and easier document sharing and access.

Transformational feedback

Feedback plays an integral role in Letrário’s quality assurance process as a member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC). You could say that XTRF’s customer feedback tool has been a game changer.

The information and ratings this tool provides often form the basis for discussions at team meetings and enable the company to objectively evaluate their performance. In other words, the company is constantly aware of what’s working well and what requires some adjustment or additional oversight.

Ultimately, XTRF has boosted Letrário’s business. It’s also given the team valuable time back, having saved no less than 540 hours to date — and increased their client base. Pretty impressive, right?