lexiQA Celebrating 5 Years of Continuous Growth

lexiQA Logo, lexiQA is an online translation/localization QA tool

Five years ago, the concept of an entirely cloud-based linguistic quality assurance solution that would work seamlessly with online TMS systems, CAT tools, and MT engines seemed a pipe dream at best. Still, it was a dream that we at lexiQA devoted our attention to. Our objective? ‘Do a better job in less time.’ Given the ever-increasing amount of translated content processed by online CAT and TMS tools annually, this objective has a definite place within our industry.

There is a general lack of focus and understanding in current QA tools, especially as related to the true requirements for achieving high-quality results that save not only time but also money. At lexiQA, we have taken a different approach that utilises locale-specific rules to eliminate as much noise as possible, a REST API architecture providing for the simple integration in translation and localization systems, and an academically-intense focus on issues related to quality in work cycles on a daily basis.

lexiQA is currently engaged in online platforms that include open (MateCat), commercial (Transifex), and proprietary ones (Lengoo Translate, Straker Translations’ RAY, etc.). Yet, we continue to grow through the process of removing well-known pain points for MLVs as well as end-users.

This includes:
– continually updated spellchecking dictionaries, both public and private;
– customised style guides and terminology, adapting to what clients specify as objective errors;
– NLP-enhanced functionality for heavily inflected and low-resource locales;
– support for over 130 locales.

Even COVID-affected 2020 could not stem the tide of steady improvement that lexiQA has achieved, with revenues continuing to increase at high rates and even 20% over 2020. This is reflected in the stable and substantial growth of the original team of three co-founders to a total of eight currently, including new NLP experts who are responsible for algorithm improvements and the development of new and exciting features in lexiQA’s roadmap, like a segmenter/spellchecker for Burmese, a Named Entity Recognition engine that will eliminate noise from spellchecking, and morphological checks for terminology. Have a look at our Product Updates page to find out more about all the latest and upcoming developments.

If you are interested in the very telling results of our performance compared to some of the current and most popular QA tools on the market, you can request a copy right here.

2021 is looking to be an exciting year, and we look forward to helping everyone achieve increased returns and success as we come out of what has been a most challenging time.

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