lexiQA Launches New Connector for Memsource

lexiQA Logo, lexiQA is an online translation/localization QA tool

lexiQA, the leading API-based quality control solution, announces its brand new connector for Memsource.

The connector, coming in the form of both a Chrome extension and a Firefox add-on, aims to address the well-known issues Memsource users face when it comes to QA:

1. Productivity
Forget those lengthy descriptive post-translation reports!

lexiQA runs in real time thanks to its revolutionary QA-as-you-type feature which activates the fast mental model of both translators and revisers. Using colour coding, revision time is therefore reduced to the minimum possible.

2. Accuracy
Have you been struggling with a high rate of false positives?

lexiQA’s locale-specific checks ensure a low rate of false positives across 135 locales (with more on the way). Checking against language-agnostic QA reports is not only time-consuming, but also highly error-prone. For example, by ignoring all items at once in order to save time and meet deadlines, no one can know how many actual errors were not fixed in the process.

3. Check customisation
Do your vendors have to comply with internal style guides?

Different clients have different needs and standards. lexiQA can adapt to what an enterprise client specifies as an objective error by tailoring its checks according to prescribed requirements and style guides.

4. Exportable QA results
Do you want to gather QA intelligence and use it further?

lexiQA might be running in real time, but you can also keep all its results for future reference (e.g. to consume them in Business Intelligence tools or to integrate them in evaluation engines). Clients can receive QA results both headlessly via API and in the form of dedicated URLs.

All these come with the extra advantage of a zero-learning curve. lexiQA is as intuitive as using MS Word. It just can’t get easier!

For the time being, the connector will only be available to translation buyers and large MLVs.

If you are interested in the very telling results of our performance compared to some of the current and most popular QA tools on the market, you can request a copy right here.

About lexiQA

Lexiqa Limited is headquartered in the United Kingdom with staff also in Germany, Greece and India. Its solution, lexiQA, is an online QA solution which can be used via API within an online translation/localization environment.

For more information, please visit: https://lexiqa.net/

Get in touch with lexiQA here: https://lexiqa.net/contact/