lexiQA Reaches Landmark Year of Growth

The third year of international operations for lexiQA marks a year of great success. Here is a summary of past achievements and future objectives.

In February 2016, lexiQA was founded as a start-up with an ambitious goal: create a linguistic quality assurance solution which would work entirely in the cloud. Given the exponential increase in the volume of translated content that is processed by numerous CAT tools every year, at that point looking further into the future and building a tool that would work seamlessly with both online CAT tools and MT engines seemed like the obvious choice.

The need for reliable automated QA has always been present in translation workflows. However, there are two areas where there has been a lot of room for improvement ever since the first QA tool appeared into the market more than a decade ago:

  • Dedicated QA tools have been desktop offline applications.
  • The vast majority of QA checks in these tools either are too generic and relying almost entirely on consistency (thus generating a lot of false positives), or they are too basic and not inclusive enough (thus leaving room for a lot of false negatives).

This is where lexiQA chose to take on a different approach since day one. With QA checks targeted at all those problematic areas which can generate false positives and specifically designed for each different locale supported, while using the foundation of a REST API architecture, it is a versatile linguistic QA platform which can easily connect with a number of online CAT tools to provide reliable and streamlined QA reports which are easy to understand and even easier to act on.

Now in version 1.6 (see all product updates here: https://lexiqa.net/updates/), lexiQA has come a long way since its first integration with MateCat in 2016. Some of the main features on offer today:

  • Over 100 supported locales in 40 languages, all featuring the same wide range of locale-specific checks.
  • Six API integrations with online CAT tools: MateCat, Memsource, Transifex, Smartcat, Lilt and GTT.
  • Live QA functionality (“QA as-you-type”).

On the business side, having started with a modest seed investment by Pi Campus and LVenture Group, the company has increased its revenues by 600% between the first and the third year of its operations, and it’s aiming for a further increase in the coming financial year. Use cases include (but are not limited to) translation buyers that use an online localization technology stack, TM clean-up scenarios (e.g. for MT training corpora), QA data feeds via API for in-house dashboards, etc. lexiQA is currently adding more low-resource locales to its portfolio, diving deeper into the NMT post-editing territory and developing machine learning functionality for its enterprise users. With an expanding client portfolio of large translation buyers and a healthy outlook in the language service industry more generally, lexiQA is well placed to continue bringing reliable linguistic QA for translation and localization.

About lexiQA

Lexiqa Limited is headquartered in the United Kingdom with staff also in Germany and Greece. Its solution, lexiQA, is an online QA solution which can be used either via API within an online translation/localization environment or in lexiQA’s stand-alone Editor.

For more information, please visit: https://lexiqa.net/

Get in touch with lexiQA here: https://lexiqa.net/contact/