Lilt Adds 40th Language

Lilt is happy to announce the addition of Bulgarian and Slovenian to our platform today. With these additions, Lilt officially supports 40 languages; or 50 including variations of languages such as Castilian and Latin American Spanish.
If you are using Lilt’s translation software, or if you are also taking advantage of Lilt’s large pool of professional translators, you can now get fast and accurate translations for these two European Union languages. 
“Translating with Lilt has helped me become faster and more accurate in the last year: my words-per-minute has doubled!” said Célia Roberts, who helps several Lilt customers translate their content, “The system is user-friendly and a delight to work with since it adapts to my style, which lets me concentrate more on the challenging translations and have fun ‘trans-creating.’ I am happy to see Slovenian and Bulgarian added to the platform!”
Lilt customers will now see Bulgarian and Slovenian as options when they log into Lilt, and can begin using Lilt’s predictive translation technology for these languages immediately:
The image above is an example of a translator using Lilt’s predictive translation to accurately and efficiently translate from Slovenian (Slovenščina) to English. A translator can hit “tab” or “enter” to immediately accept the next word, or they can type on their keyboard to change the word. For example, a translator here might accept everything until “its name is…” and change that to “and its name means…” at which time Lilt’s predictive translation system will update to predict the rest of the sentence as accurately as possible. 
As of July 2nd, 2019, here are the 40 languages currently in Lilt’s platform:
  1. Afrikaans
  2. Arabic (Many variants)
  3. Bengali
  4. Bulgarian
  5. Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)
  6. Croatian
  7. Czech
  8. Danish
  9. Dari
  10. Dutch
  11. English (UK, US & International)
  12. Farsi
  13. Finnish
  14. French
  15. German
  16. Greek
  17. Hindi
  18. Hungarian
  19. Igbo
  20. Indonesian
  21. Italian
  22. Japanese
  23. Javanese
  24. Korean
  25. Norwegian
  26. Pashto
  27. Polish
  28. Portuguese (European & Brazilian)
  29. Romanian
  30. Russian
  31. Slovak
  32. Slovenian
  33. Spanish (Castillian & Latin American)
  34. Swahili
  35. Swedish
  36. Thai
  37. Turkish
  38. Ukrainian
  39. Urdu
  40. Vietnamese
Because Lilt’s translation software adapts to content as it is being translated, it quickly becomes more accurate in precise variants of any given language, and even to the specific style and terminology of text.
You can read more about Lilt’s new languages here:
Lilt is constantly adding new languages according to the demands of our customers, so please see our website for the latest list of supported languages and let us know if you are interested in adding more!
Spence Green, CEO
July 8th, 2019