Lilt launches Lilt Pro, a revolutionary CAT tool for enterprises, LSPs, and translators

After five months of beta testing, Lilt is excited to announce the launch of Lilt Pro.  This new version of our revolutionary CAT software includes new collaboration and customization features for enterprises, language service providers, and professional translators.

Lilt has already helped translators and agencies of all sizes improve their productivity.  Working with teams and multiple clients is now much easier with these three new features of Lilt Pro:

  • Project and document sharing: Share a document or project with team members.  Everyone can simultaneously work on the same project, but the document will still be owned by the original user.  Great for agencies!
  • Translation memory / machine translation sharing: Never before have teams been able to train an MT system collectively in real-time!
  • Custom memories: Individuals and teams can create specialized memories for different domains and clients.

Lilt offers three different subscription tiers that are geared for specific users:

  • Pro: for professional translators
  • Manager Premium: for LSP and agency project managers
  • Enterprise: for translation buyers

Lilt will be partnering with to offer a free webinar about Lilt Pro and its different features on June 7th at 17:00 GMT.  Please visit for more information.  For more information on pricing or on our revolutionary CAT tool, please visit

Lilt is a start-up company based out of Palo Alto, CA.  Our primary product is a revolutionary CAT tool that is based on years of research at Stanford University.  This incredible tool has been helping translators of all skill levels increase their productivity, speed, and quality.

As users translate on Lilt, the sophisticated translation memory offers suggestions that can either be accepted or modified.  The memory is constantly learning from that user and offers increasingly improved suggestions as more data is inputted. A variety of other features also assist the translator in producing the highest quality document in the shortest amount of time.

One case study conducted with e2f using real client data showed that translators were much more productive with Lilt than SDL Trados, at one point reaching a throughput of 1,367 words per hour.

To read the complete case study, please visit

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