Lingotek Business Intelligence App: Global Digital Transformation Game-Changer

Real-time data to inform senior level executives on strategic content decisions to increase customer experience and expand top line revenue growth.

LEHI, UT—(Slator – March 14, 2017) – Lingotek | The Translation Network today announced the release of an innovative, new Multilingual Business Intelligence application (app) available on Lingotek’s award-winning translation management system (TMS). Localization has rapidly become increasingly strategic to senior executive management in digitally advanced organizations to increase both customer experience and expand top line revenue growth.

Lingotek’s Multilingual Business Intelligence app elevates localization data intelligence to a senior business level to aid management with the ability to make strategic business decisions according to important data sets delivered through the platform. Time to market, speed and velocity by language and by application, brand and terminology compliance across all languages, cost avoidance and savings through organizational reuse and sharing of linguistic assets, and operational trending analysis are all critical data points for monitoring impact of localization and making informed strategic business decisions.

Localization project managers can also use the real-time analytics to look at the state of multilingual content management across the entire enterprise. The Multilingual Business Intelligence dashboard aggregates actionable analytics to inform strategic decisions on the allocation of time, money, and resources.

The Intelligence app dashboards display data that can be used to find trouble spots and identify projects that are falling behind schedule. It can help project managers determine whether translators are using correct terminology and gauge if additional training is needed. The Intelligence app lets managers look for bottlenecks and redistribute resources if necessary, including the ability to see words translated per day system wide, so they can ensure that translators are making normal progress and meeting expected deadlines.

“Lingotek is giving senior executive management an unprecedented, real-time look at their multilingual content analytics,” said Rob Vandenberg, President and CEO of Lingotek. “It’s a game changer in global digital transformation. This app displays all the statistics and information you need to strategically manage your multilingual content, enhance your operational efficiency, and ultimately increase both customer experience, and expand top line revenue growth.”

The Intelligence app dashboards display analytics and data on system-wide activities, performance, assets, content, KPIs, and allow managers to create customizable settings.

The Home dashboard provides a high-level summary of all translation activities across the enterprise: on-time delivery percentages to see if projects are on schedule; average terminology compliance for monitoring quality and SLAs the average time to market to identify bottlenecks and allocate needed resources, and words translated per day to determine system-wide productivity.

The Performance dashboard shows data on active projects, overdue projects, at-risk projects, completed projects, and active users. Project managers can see the average number of days it takes for a job to go from initial request to completion. The data is displayed by connector–Salesforce, UI Strings, Confluence, AEM, Eloqua, a custom CMS, Drupal, or Lithium, for example–to show how long it takes to translate specific types of content coming from different connected applications. From the Performance dashboard, project managers can easily monitor which projects are on time, overdue, or at risk of missing deadlines.

The Assets dashboard provides data on translation memories (TM) match percentage by connector, terminology compliance, and the actual TM leveraged across all completed translations. This gives project managers valuable information to demonstrate the ROI and cost savings incurred with the efficient re-use of TM assets, which connectors have the best body of TM, and pinpoint where new translations are taking place. Managers can also check to see which projects have low terminology compliance so they can investigate and take corrective action if necessary.

The Content dashboard includes an easy-to-read pie chart showing the total word count breakdown by connector, the average project size based on word counts, and an active document count. This helps managers see how many words are coming from different departments or groups within the company, so they can budget time and assign additional resources as needed.

The KPI dashboard displays configurable KPIs that project managers can customize to track enterprise-wide content reuse and LSP compliance based on the criteria outlined in their Service Level Agreement (SLA). Color-coded charts show green for positive KPI, or red if performance is below set benchmarks.

To learn more about Lingotek’s Multilingual Intelligence application, watch the video.

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