Lion People Global Launches Mergers and Acquisitions Service

Lion People Global, a top global recruitment agency in the language services market, has launched a Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) service. A lean to the side or a smart move for this leading localization recruitment agency?

Says Annette Lawlor, Lion People Global founder and instigator for change: “The language services market today is driving a lot of strategic M&A transactions. We talk to business owners every day who are considering buying or selling and we’ve gained deep insights into decision-maker perspectives and motivations.”

Lion People Global is partnering with Olga Blasco, a leading localization industry consultant, focusing on “Business strategy for growth” who supports both private companies and non-profit organizations. Olga drives organizational development programmes on the field as coach and brings over 20 years of experience in the translation industry, having held senior leadership positions in Lionbridge and Welocalize through multiple mergers and acquisitions.

One of the biggest challenges for a business wanting to diversify its portfolio, or a company with an exit strategy in mind, is realizing the best value in the best timing. Lion People Global has developed a comprehensive range of services to help clients in this crucial planning stage.

When a company is ready to buy or sell, the next step is to find companies in the language services market that are a good match. It’s crucial that courting efforts go towards opportunities that have the highest probability of turning into a successful deal from the outset. Lion People Global shortlists candidates from client companies that score the highest possible match to the unique buyer/seller profile. Their dedicated M&A experts facilitate introductions only when they are confident that the process will lead to a Letter of Interest (LOI) on the part of the buyer.

Navigating the complexities of M&A is time-consuming. And so engaging a team of professionals to help close a deal makes a lot of sense. The Lion People are not accountants, lawyers or certified valuators – but they have vast hands-on executive experience from the field. With unique insights into the psychology of navigating the M&A process, reaching a win-win agreement (and keeping things on an even keel) with the Lion People is a lot easier.

After closing a deal, buyers face the challenge of completing the integration process, handling business as usual and building confidence with all clients as a combined entity. The devil is in the detail. First-time buyers often need support building an integration framework to take into account key business priorities. And integration can take a toll on team bandwidth. Lion People Global know all about this. Their M&A experts have developed Post-Closing Integration services that include both advice and logistical support with integration.

Introducing an M&A service to their portfolio is not only a smart but a very logical move for Lion People Global. The language services market today is driving a lot of strategic M&A transactions and the pace is picking up. Lion People are already vested in building solid business relationships based on trust. With a decade of first-hand experience, they are an obvious choice of support for businesses who want to get ready for M&A, navigate the complex process or integrate after closing.