Lionbridge Debuts Lionbridge Aurora AI™, the AI-Powered Orchestration Platform

Lionbridge Aurora

New Translation Management System optimizes workflow automation at scale for localization and beyond 

Waltham, MA, USA – June 18, 2024 – Lionbridge, a global leader in games, AI services, and translation and localization solutions, today introduced AuroraAI, its state-of-the-art AI-powered content orchestration platform. By combining the latest in generative AI (GenAI) technology with the smart allocation of human expertise, Aurora AI offers a focused approach to global content management and creation.

Aurora AI is an AI-enabled, composable Translation Management System designed to streamline the localization process, enabling faster and more efficient global content management and transformation. The platform utilizes advanced machine intelligence to ingest source content and determine the optimal production process. This results in accelerated project delivery and enhanced cost-effectiveness for localization.

“Aurora AI represents the culmination of our commitment to innovation and helping top global brands stay ahead and succeed in competitive markets,” said John Fennelly, Chief Executive Officer of Lionbridge. “By combining cutting-edge AI features with human ingenuity, we are not only enhancing our own operational efficiencies but also setting a new benchmark for the industry. This development is a transformative step for Lionbridge and brings us closer to enabling customers to localize their entire universe of content at speed with the quality they expect from us.”

Beyond supporting the localization process, Aurora AI orchestrates automated workflows and uses big data to drive decisioning. The platform applies repeatable workflow templates to multiple use cases to orchestrate prompt engineering, Large Language Model (LLM) response assessment, clinical authoring, video and audio enrichment, and more.

“In today’s globalized marketplace, managing content for international audiences is a complex challenge,” said Marcus Casal, Chief Technology Officer of Lionbridge. “Aurora tackles this challenge head-on by integrating machine, artificial, and human intelligence to automate and optimize every step of the content lifecycle. Our customers can expect impactful content, faster turnaround times, and more scalable solutions, all critical in a dynamic and interconnected business environment.”

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