Localazy and Poedit Join Forces for Offline-Friendly Translation Workflows

Localazy and Poedit join forces

The veteran translation editor can now be used in concoction with the cloud-based localization management software to sync desktop and cloud work seamlessly.

The integration simplifies workflow management and allows linguists to work offline when commuting, traveling, and more.

Localazy and Poedit have announced a new integration intended to make translation and localization workflow synchronization easier for their users. The l10n and i18n software platform and the well-known desktop translation editor can now be used in concoction by linguists, entrepreneurs, and software developers all over the world who wish to localize their content to other languages assisted by machine translation & affordable QA tools.

This newest integration provides convenience for tens of thousands of Localazy and Poedit users, who will now be able to work offline from their desktops -when commuting, traveling, and in other instances- using the Poedit app on their Mac or PC while enjoying all the benefits of Localazy’s advanced translation management features when online. 

“We are excited to partner with Poedit. We always strive to make the experience for translators better, and allowing them to use their favorite tool while enjoying all the great features of Localazy is part of our vision. Apart from great features, Poedit also allows for offline work, which is a great enhancement”, said Localazy’s CEO, Václav Hodek.

Poedit’s founder Václav Slavík, whom Hodek praised as “a great developer and an open-minded and friendly person whose brilliant ideas helped improve Localazy,” dubbed the integration as a tool that “really does provide the best of both worlds.” “Poedit’s new integration with Localazy merges cloud and desktop workflows in a way that is seamless to the translator. It turned out great thanks to close collaboration with Localazy’s dev team”, he expressed.

The integration can now be accessed via Localazy TMS and Poedit 3.4.

About Poedit

Poedit is a cross-platform translation editor created in 2001 by Czech software developer Václav Slavík. It helps more than 50k active users localize their PO, XLIFF, JSON, WordPress, and Flutter files conveniently through a minimal interface focused on getting the job done with no interferences. Poedit also offers pre-translation and intelligent, machine-powered suggestions, as well as team features like shared translation memories to manage your localization workflows in a breeze.

About Localazy

Localazy is a software localization startup founded in the Czech Republic in 2020. It provides easy l10n and i18n solutions for businesses of all sizes and global communities, including machine translation, multilingual marketing tools, and quality assurance services. Its localization software is used by tens of thousands of users and has nearly impacted 500M people globally. It currently operates in North and South America, Africa, and Asia in addition to Europe and relies on an expert international team with professionals from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, and Spain.