Localization Meets Life Science: Takeaways from memoQ’s Life Science Roundtable

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memoQ recently hosted a 90-minute Life Sciences Round Table discussion on the topic of data protection and privacy in the context of translation workflows.

Our panelists were Elizabeth Milkovits, Senior Director of Translation at IQVIA, Dr. Alexander Natz, Secretary General of EUCOPE, Elena Mikrioukova, Head of Translation at PSI CRO, and Yuri Skrelin Senior Translator at PSI CRO.  

memoQ’s Mark Shriner moderated the discussion and pointed out in his opening remarks that the Contract Research Organization (CRO) market is expected to almost double in size, reaching over USD 74 billion by 2027.  There was a definite consensus amongst the panelists that life sciences organizations expect translation volumes to significantly increase over the next few years and, at the same time, there was a greater awareness and importance being placed on data security and privacy. 

The panelists started the conversation by discussing some of the high-level trends in the life sciences industry. Dr Natz spoke on the topic of pricing and reimbursement for life sciences translation in Europe and mentioned some specific document types that are required in Europe. Elizabeth Milkovits commented that she was seeing similar trends in other markets including North America. 

As the conversation progressed the panelists shared their views on how vendor selection, automation, tool selection, and training can help to both improve quality and also improve data security and privacy.

memoQ’s Ulrich Fricke led a Q&A session for the last 30 minutes of the event.  Questions covered the use of machine translation, post editing, plugins in for DeepL, and the future regulatory landscape for data protection and privacy. 

The Life Sciences Round Table discussion on data protection and privacy in translation workflows can be viewed here:

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