Localization Thought Leaders, Stakeholders to Descend on Silicon Valley for XTM LIVE 2022

XTM LIVE Translation Technology Summit 2022

On April 27–28, 2022, all roads lead to Silicon Valley for one of the most important in-person localization networking events of the year, XTM LIVE: The Translation Technology Summit of 2022.

The Grand Bay Hotel San Francisco, with its picturesque vistas of Redwood Shores Lagoon and surrounding parks, will be the venue of what will undoubtedly be a memorable confluence of global business leaders and language industry stakeholders, of technology and human creativity.

As befits an event that offers a glimpse into the future of global communication, the keynote speech will be delivered by Richard Yonck, celebrated author of “Future Minds” and “Heart of the Machine.” Yonck, who shares XTM’s excitement for what lies ahead in the localization industry, said, “The advances coming to the field of translation management over the next decade will astound us!”

“The advances coming to the field of translation management over the next decade will astound us!” — Richard Yonck, bestselling author and Seattle-based futurist

Among the confirmed topics and speakers include how data-driven strategies drive sales, led by Joel Sahleen, Director of International Engineering at US-based business intelligence and analytics platform Domo. Sahleen will share some success stories that Domo helped clients realize across multiple territories. For example, Domo helped businesses track users by language and location, identify growth trends, and then commit resources to the right places in a timely manner.

What Else Is on the Agenda?

Also on the agenda is Yuka Kurihara of Scaled Agile, the provider of the world’s leading framework for business agility. How can having certain processes in place to react swiftly to ever-changing business conditions be the best way to future-proof the business? Kurihara will explain how coupling agility with scalability can help businesses adjust to demand without their money or reputation taking a hit.

Speaking of reputations, global tech leaders will be at XTM LIVE to share practical examples of how customizing their translation management system (TMS) helped cement their global reputation and fuel growth. Sergey Parievsky, Head of Globalization at Juniper Networks and Yasmin Vanja, Localization Manager at Sony will exchange insights on what helped them boost their business profile and profitability in the context of language technology. Talia Baruch, CEO and Co-founder of GlobalSake, will add her perspective as a renowned growth strategist.

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And, if your organization is grappling with natural language processing (NLP) and AI info overload, there is a way to turn all that data into gold. It is called Inter-Language Vector Space (ILVS), a foundational technology whose launch in 2020 changed the game for machine translation analysis. AI guru, Dr. Rafal Jaworski, can help you unlock the power of ILVS and apply it to your business.

Kicking off XTM LIVE will be localization insights from US-based Crown Equipment Corporation, a manufacturer with USD 3.6bn in annual revenue that successfully combined traditional industrial values with cutting-edge technology. Rocio Gray, Localization Manager, and Andreas Merz, Translation and Terminology Specialist, will dive into language technology’s role in the next industrial revolution. They will also share inside knowledge on how manufacturing leaders stay ahead of the globalization curve.

Check out what else is on the agenda. We look forward to seeing you, face to face, in San Francisco for XTM LIVE. Avail yourself of discounted tickets today!