Localize Content From Any Tool With Crowdin’s 400+ Apps

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Integrations can speed up the turnaround time for your translation projects and help you work more productively by automating content sync between the tools your customers use and a localization software –  Crowdin. 

Crowdin Offers 400+ Integrations 

Crowdin has more than 400+ integrations that include both apps and connectors. Use them to translate content stored in a developer repository and tools that marketing, support, or design teams use. Each integration enables you to sync source texts with Crowdin manually or on a selected schedule automatically, and once you translate the content – add translations back to the respective tool.

Crowdin offers integrations for basically any tool you can think of:

  • CMS
  • Marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Development
  • Design
  • File Management/Storage
  • Customer Service
  • Machine Translation
  • TM & Glossaries
  • Team Chat & Notifications
  • Task Management
  • Landing pages
  • Email campaigns
  • Blogs
  • Creative assets
  • Documentation
  • Signup forms
  • Surveys
  • Subtitles

The list is constantly updated and new apps are added regularly. You can always see the full, up-to-date list of apps on the Crowdin Store.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular integrations: 


Many of the CMS listed below have native connectors by Crowdin, and a few are implemented using our partners’ middleware. CMSes that can not have automated integration are suggested to be translated using Crowdin JS Proxy.

Knowledge Bases

Customer Support, Emails and Chats translation with MT

Product Design Tools


File Management


Development and agile localization


  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine (Integration is available as a part of Unreal Engine Editor)

Custom workflows & Custom integrations

Chatbots and IVR

Machine Translation Connectors

File Formats


Tools often used by localization teams.

To see all the apps go to the Crowdin Marketplace. You can also request an integration if you don’t see the one you need listed.

About Crowdin

Crowdin is a localization and translation management software. With Crowdin, you can easily set up continuous localization. Automate repetitive manual operations such as downloading source texts and adding translations back to the tool you need. Crowdin has 2M+ user accounts and is used by companies like GitLab, GitHub, Trustpilot, Calendly, and Kickstarter.