Locaria Grows by 37% as Demand for Multilingual Content Increases

Locaria Logo

Following its strongest year on record, which saw the agency grow 37% year on year, Locaria has seen a marked increase in demand for its multilingual content production services across all channels of media.

In recent months, Locaria welcomed a suite of new clients including Value Retail, Molekule, Ganni, Finnish Design Shop, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Vegamour and Lick Paints with further new client wins to be announced.

The agency, which was nascent during the explosion in demand for digital localisation and transcreation, has expanded its services in recent years to accommodate end-to-end content production for global brands.

Lindsay Hong, COO of Locaria, comments: “The pandemic saw a number of our clients pivot advertising spend from traditional media to digital, which resulted in an upsurge in demand.  More interestingly though, the longer-term impact has been for brands to truly engage with customers on an intimate level, seeking to build relationships that are lasting and meaningful.  The impact for Locaria has been manifold.  We help brands engage with local nuance much earlier in the client acquisition process than ever before. In parallel, the formats and nature of the multilingual content we deliver have grown in breadth, allowing us to deliver content that performs at all stages of the marketing value chain”.

The agency has also seen an increase in demand from the wider Stagwell parent group, with specialised language projects coming from industry-leading agencies including NRG, Assembly, and a cluster of the group’s leading creative and strategy agencies.

Hong continues: “Stagwell has without a doubt transformed the traditional marketing agency hierarchy.  With a business model that is highly agile and collaborative, we have seen a host of new global opportunities via the network, from research through to creative and media. These unique partnerships allow us to drive content experience equality for audiences around the world.”