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National Health Education Week – #MyImpact #InterpreterImpact

Horsham, PA – October 17, 2018 –  Healthy communities are diverse communities. Varying walks of life coming together to share, build, and grow.  “This is the foundation of the American dream and aiding this dream has been LSA’s mission for over a quarter century”, said LSA’s CEO and Founder, Laura K.T. Schriver.

Providing effective communication is vital to the well-being of some of the most vulnerable members of our society.  In any healthcare environment, language services support dramatically increases the effectiveness of interactions with individuals of limited English proficiency (ILEP).

The more effective these interactions are, the more positive the outcomes.  And with more positive outcomes, the stronger and healthier our communities become.  Often misunderstood or underappreciated, however, working with an interpreter can sometimes seem daunting.

To help change this perception and build stronger communities, LSA is embracing 2018’s National Health Education Week’s initiative of #myimpact by releasing a series of informational animated shorts showcasing tips on how to better work with interpreters to improve ILEP patient care.

Providing interpretation services for over a quarter century has given LSA a unique perspective on how to best work with interpreters.  Our animated series debuts with a video that provides helpful tips on how to handle situations where an ILEP speaks some English and prefers not to utilize an interpreter.  In the coming months, LSA will offer more advice for navigating call center and behavioral health interactions.  To access LSA’s first animated short, visit

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Language Services Associates (LSA) offers a full suite of language interpretation solutions to help healthcare providers and other businesses optimize the experience of individuals of limited English proficiency (ILEP). Providing native language support improves the efficiency and productivity of staff, raises customer satisfaction levels, and builds loyalty. For more than 2,000 clients worldwide, in more than 240 languages, LSA, has a strong reputation for helping our clients build relationships, ensure accuracy, and make trusted connections with their ILEP patients and customers. As one of the largest and fastest-growing professional language services companies in the world, LSA’s passion for helping others drives our award-winning culture of service excellence. For more information on LSA’s Interpreting by Telephone, Face-to-Face Interpreting, Video Remote Interpreting, American Sign Language, and Translation and Language Assessments services, please call 800.305.9673 or visit


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