Machine Translation Quality Estimation: Memsource’s Latest AI-powered Feature

Memsource has released a second AI-powered feature, Machine Translation Quality Estimation (MTQE).

With MTQE, machine translation (MT) quality scores are available in the Memsource Editors before any post-editing is done. This can increase post-editing efficiency, helping linguists to manage and prioritize lower quality MT output. MTQE also enhances the pre-translation analysis and can be used to compare MT engine quality.

The feature supports over 70 language pairs and is available for all 30+ MT engines available in Memsource and in all Memsource editions.

Initial testing indicates that for the supported language pairs, MTQE can provide quality scores of between 85% (good MT output) to 100% (excellent MT output) in up to 14% of segments that are machine translated. In practical terms, this could mean up to 7% of savings on post-editing costs.

Given the success of our first AI-powered feature, we wanted to keep up the momentum by launching another AI feature within the same year, says Memsource CEO, David Canek. “MTQE builds on our AI-powered Non-translatables feature, with the aim of making post-editing easier and more efficient. Together they can equate to some significant cost reductions and increased productivity for our customers.”

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