Make Data-Driven Decisions about Your Business – XTRF Business Barometer

XTRF Business Barometer

Our world is changing, and not because the localization business is a whirlwind of innovations and ideas, but because we’re all facing a new reality: the world after the pandemic. 

XTRF prides itself on being an agile and flexible company that reacts immediately to its customers’ needs. We listen and we act. Business owners around the world are asking themselves: how is my business doing? We can’t answer that question for every business, but we can help answer it for our clients. 

What is Business Barometer and how does it help you? 

Business Barometer is a built-in business intelligence solution available to XTRF users. It is our answer to a burning question of how the current situation impacts localization business. Business Barometer offers multiple customizable views with data about your projects, quotes and clients. Information comes in handy charts that you can download, aggregate, and use to make data-driven decisions about your business: 

● Dashboard: see your business at a glance and make well-informed decisions. Take control over your business with data.

XTRF Business Barometer Dashboard

● Quotes: review the values and numbers of your quotes and see the trend for a specific client or period. Move your Sales or Account Management forces to win more business on growing clients and help clients that are decreasing in value.

XTRF Business Barometer Quotes

● Projects: analyze how the number and value of your projects has changed in time. Increase Account Management involvement in client relationships worth developing further.

XTRF Business Barometer Projects

● Clients: learn more about your clients – see your revenue diversity and top clients value. Make strategic decisions to increase engagement with clients valuable to your business and decide on revenue diversification.

XTRF Business Barometer Clients

XTRF Business Barometer will be growing – we plan to develop it continuously and add further options in weekly updates. 

Why is it important? 

Business Barometer gives you a full picture of how your company is doing and allows you to make well-informed strategic decisions based on knowledge and data. You will see and build on your areas of strength, while working on your areas of weakness, find opportunities you have not considered before and identify gaps in the market – and think about how to strive to fill these. 

Business Barometer is a feature available for XTRF users and will be developed continuously. Contact XTRF at if you’d like to learn more about Business Barometer or go to: