Make Your Workflow Smooth and Effective! This New System is the Key

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Introducing new quality of translation project management! Space TMS storms the localisation industry with all guns blazing!

It’s simple, it’s efficient, it’s reliable, it’s good-looking. And it’s cheap. The new translation management system for language service providers is here, and you should not miss it. Space TMS offers all the features your company needs to efficiently manage linguistic projects. 

The aim of Space TMS is to improve the workflow at all company levels: owners, project managers and translators.

Let’s start from the beginning. The owners and senior management can easily monitor how the company functions. They can gain access to each of the team member’s data on current tasks and their level of completion. If any data or statistics are promptly needed, e.g. to be presented at a meeting or a conference, they are easily accessible.

“Space TMS is a great tool that originated from LSPs’ needs”, says Alex Chudy, director of Space TMS LTD. “Every module and every feature is the result of common work of project managers, vendor managers, owners, translators and other service providers involved on a daily basis in a translation process.”

Secondly, a well-designed TMS covers the needs of project managers. Via Space TMS, they can easily set up tasks, assign them to specific vendors, with whom they can keep in close touch, as well as monitor and evaluate their work. 

This short instructional video shows it all!

Last but not least, Space TMS is useful for translators.

Language experts can set up their preferences and accept jobs. This gives them freedom and flexibility as well as opportunity to choose the tasks they specialise in. 

Space TMS will gain popularity among LSPs thanks to its simplicity, low cost and multi-functionality. Improved communication and translation project workflow will create space for new customers”, sums up Chudy.

Yes, the cost is also very important, and in the case of Space TMS, it is inversely proportional to the efficiency. Being one of the cheapest solutions on the market, it is a system for big and small players in the language industry.

Our product is licensed and delivered in a SaaS model (software as a service). The work in a cloud-based environment is fast and easy, there is no need to worry about the performance of particular computers in the office. You simply log in and start working. No distractions, no problems.

As Alex Chudy admits, the launch is just the beginning, since Space TMS is changing almost every day. It will continue to grow and become more and more flexible for the sake of its users. 

Check out the system that is out of this world!

Projects, tasks, client and translator bases, invoices, statistics – always at hand from anywhere on Earth and beyond!