Master Prompt Engineering for Localization Teams

Prompt engineering is an essential skill to master in a world increasingly influenced by ChatGPT and large language models. Custom.MT is hosting a workshop and a localization industry-first hackathon on prompt engineering to help professionals enhance their skillset.

Date: April 27-28th, 15.00 – 18.30 CET

This event is tailored for hands-on localization program managers, localization engineers, and linguists. Participants will collaborate in teams to tackle language-related challenges faced by global organizations, such as inclusive language, translation adhering to style guides, tag placement, and multilingual text generation for marketing and e-commerce. Attendees will gain valuable prompt engineering experience and become better equipped to work with large language models.

No technical expertise is needed to join; a prompting platform, model access, and task materials will be provided by the organizer. The workshop and hackathon are part of a two-day online event, with Day 1 featuring presentations and panel discussions, and Day 2 focusing on hands-on tasks and skill development.

Speakers include Michael Levot, Localization Program Lead at Canva and Slator Managing Director Florian Faes.

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What is Prompt Engineering

ChatGPT and other language models generate more accurate output when given precise instructions.

For example: 


Translate the following into French <text>


Act as a translator to French, considering style guide <style guide> and terminology <term base>. Provide only the translation without notes or explanations. Use an informal tone, first-person singular, and limit the page translation to 40 characters per line.

The latter prompt produces a tailored translation that aligns more closely with business requirements and company voice. A fully engineered prompt may be up to 800 words long.

Tracks and Topics

The workshop starts with briefings and training lectures on few-shot prompting and prompt manager platform usage. Participants will then join a track and collaborate in teams to develop the best prompt for one of the following topics:

  1. Inclusive Language Rewriting
  2. Video Game Text
  3. Tailored Translation
  4. eCommerce
  5. Global Marketing


  • Kelvin Wong, Flo Health
  • Dmitriy Dulich, Flo Health
  • Bernd Kruze, Philips
  • Sarah Müller, Gameforge
  • Vojtěch Schubert, Bohemia Interactive
  • Diego Cresceri, Creative Words
  • Yuka Nakasone, Global Bridge
  • Diego Bartolome,


  • Soeren Eberhardt, Microsoft

Additionally, the hackathon welcomes more topics, use cases, and opportunities under the track “Your Idea, Your Hack.”

The workshop and hackathon entry fee is 40 euros, with a limit of 300 participants.

Registration link:

Contact information: Kate Vostokova,