MCIS Language Solutions and Interpreter Intelligence Announce Strategic Technology Partnership

TORONTO, November 16, 2017 – Today, MCIS Language Solutions and Interpreter Intelligence announced a collaborative partnership to provide enhanced service delivery to MCIS’ clients. The innovative technology, Intelligence Scheduling SystemTM, will allow MCIS to provide a more user-friendly client experience by optimizing how language interpretation is managed, scheduled and monitored.

“The MCIS team is excited about our new partnership with Interpreter Intelligence,” said Latha Sukumar, MCIS’ Executive Director. “This partnership will enable us to deliver and track our services and their impact in a streamlined way to fulfill our mission of providing access to critical information and services to those who need them.”

“Selecting Interpreter Intelligence as the outcome of a thorough and competitive bidding process highlights MCIS’ commitment to providing the highest quality language service to their customers, while streamlining the interactions their interpreters have with their organization,” said Conor Power, CEO of Interpreter Intelligence. “Sharing their vision for how language
services can be most effectively provided has validated our progress to date in building a best of breed interpretation delivery platform and aligns with our future plans. We’re very excited for the opportunity to work with MCIS to provide a technology solution that meets their needs, will grow with their organization and continue to surpass their needs in the future.”

MCIS and Interpreter Intelligence have already begun to visualize the implementation with the goal of going live in April 2018. The two organizations will work together to deliver a seamless experience for customers requesting interpretation.


About MCIS Language Solutions

MCIS Language Solutions is a non-profit social enterprise that has been relentlessly pursuing its goal to remove language barriers for over 25 years. With 50 full time staff and an engaging roster of over 6,000 language professionals, MCIS provides a full suite of over 50 different language services. Key services include language interpretation, translation and transcription, localization, training and training development for the public and private sector agencies across Canada, in more than 300 languages. For more information, please visit

About Interpreter Intelligence

Interpreter Intelligence is a San Francisco based software company providing technology platforms for organizations that provide language services to most efficiently manage their service delivery in a centralized, flexible and cost effective manner. Interpreter Intelligence has been providing solutions to the language service industry since 2011 and offers the most comprehensive and flexible solution on the market, servicing both enterprise and small to medium sized organizations equally. The platform consists of the Intelligence Scheduling SystemTM, Video Remote IntelligenceTM and Over the Phone IntelligenceTM modules to manage on-site, video remote and phone interpretation respectively in a single unified interface. For more information, please visit


Latha Sukumar
MCIS Language Solutions

Conor Power
Interpreter Intelligence