Media Localizer Iyuno Acquires Unidub, Establishes Presence in South America

Iyuno Acquires Unidub

Media localization Super Agency Iyuno has acquired Unidub Brazil, a dubbing studio, marking the company’s entry into the South American market, and expanding its existing dubbing service offering. The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Unidub Brazil allows its clients to dub videos taking into account speaker emotion and style, offering custom voices and avatars in 40+ languages.

The dubbing studio is a provider to Netflix thanks to its Netflix Post Partner (NP3) certification, and also has Paramount, Nickelodeon, Viacom, Riot Games, and Lionbridge among its client portfolio.

Chris Carey, EVP Americas Operations & Global Marketing of Iyuno, told Slator, “this acquisition is rooted in the incredible depth of human talent and expertise in the Brazilian Portuguese language that Wendel Bezerra and the Unidub team bring. Now, with this team in place, we will continue to raise the bar on the creative and technical quality of the BPO dubbing we provide.”

He added that “the acquisition of Unidub strategically expands our client base, allowing Iyuno to serve a broader audience with the addition of an owned and operated Brazilian Portuguese studio. It both strengthens our existing relationships and opens doors to new partnerships within the dynamic Brazilian market.” 

Carey told Slator, “we actively explore applications where technology can add value to the products and services we provide. However, our primary focus is on delivering the highest creative and technical quality localization services to our clients. Our goal remains to provide engaging localized entertainment to audiences worldwide.”

Wendel Bezerra, Founder and CEO of Unidub, stated that the acquisition represents a “milestone” for his company, and is eager to “continue delivering exceptional dubbing services” for Unidub’s clients.

The acquisition is Iyuno’s latest transaction since it acquired Turkish dubbing and subtitling company Ak’la Kara in June 2023.

The article has been updated to remove references to AI.