Meet ONTRAM: The TMS for InDesign, XML and PIM

The Online Translation Management System (ONTRAM) is an integrated Web application that provides services for essential TMS functions, including process automation, application integration, user management, content pre- and post-processing, content re-use, and translation interfaces. The goal of the system is to reduce as much as possible the amount of manual input required during the localization production process – for software, print, web and any supported content type.

ONTRAM is the ideal solution for the translation of InDesign catalogues, MS Office documents and XML files coming from web content management systems and PIM. Key features are:

  • Centralized, system-wide Translation Memory
  • Flexible and scalable workflows
  • Automated business processes
  • Intuitive and comprehensive online editor
  • Integrated scheduling module
  • Preview functionality
  • Review system filter for almost all file formats, including the direct processing of Indesign and many more innovative functionalities

Process Flow

Source content is uploaded into the system and is pre-processed for translation, the structure of a file being separated from the translatable content.

Whatever is translatable is then sent through workflow to be translated, edited, reviewed, etc., either via a web-based editor or offline in the linguist‘s tool of choice. Users can get a dynamic preview of the content as they work, depending on file type.

Once the workflow is complete, ONTRAM produces final target language versions of the content which can be downloaded or delivered to an integrated file system or application.

ONTRAM is a fully web-accessible application, supporting a wide range of browsers on different operating systems. No additional plug-ins or add-ons are required, which simplifies deployment and update management, as users have nothing to install.

The functionalities at a glance


  • Automating steps

ONTRAM automates many manual steps like data transfer, user-notification and quality assurance steps. It reduces many obstacles and stumbling blocks and
focusses on the important: translation and review.

  • Translation Memory

the integrated translation memory system reuses already existing translation within your company and helps you to save time and money.
It is easy to customize and to adjust right to your workflow.

  • Online Editor

the intuitive online editor, with spell checks for more than 500 languages and its configurable filters and views, makes it possible
to work online or offline in their preferred environment. ONTRAM’s exchange formats enable translators to freely use their translation tool.

  • Layout preview

the ONTRAM live preview for Adobe InDesign and other DTP Formats offers a live-preview of the translated text during translation. With the click of a button, the translation is shown in a PDF with the latest formatting of the current document.

  • The workflow-editor

existing and well-proven processes can be easily integrated in ONTRAM and with the powerful workflow editor it is possible to customize every step
of your workflow. Every stakeholder can be involved and processes are scalable and simplified.

ONTRAM is tailored to your needs and easily implemented. That way you can manage your translation projects in short spell – simple and flexible.

About Andrä AG

Andrä AG was founded in 1999 and has since supported companies as an independent service provider and manufacturer of sophisticated software products in systematic optimization of translations and their management processes.

ONTRAM provides for efficient translation management and market adaptation in real time through a fully web-based approach, open interfaces, and integration of all project participants within a shared workflow. The current reference customers include CLAAS, the Klingel group and Metabo.

The ONTRAM team works pro-actively and is highly motivated by their sustainable corporate culture based on trust, transparency, open communication, and constructive cooperation.