memoQ #1 TMS on SaaS 1000 Growth List

memoQ has been named the fastest growing SaaS company in the global translation technology sector.

The SaaS 1000: Top SaaS Companies list ranks the fastest growing SaaS companies. In their latest quarterly update, memoQ is now firmly seated in the top half with a #407 ranking and claims the number one spot among ranked translation technology companies.

Companies eligible for the list must have a minimum of 40 employees. Growth is calculated based on the number of employees added over the previous six months.

memoQ enjoyed robust and healthy growth in 2018. memoQ Cloud alone grew over 80% year-on-year, making it the most successful product since memoQ server was launched a decade and a half ago. Last year, memoQ added two new regional centers to its cloud infrastructure (MS Azure Japan and US centers), established a new office in Toronto, launched a new Business Services Team, built an integrated sales-marketing department and became the first translation technology provider to release a mobile application for voice recognition. memoQ currently has 75 employees with an active presence on three continents.

memoQ is considered to be the most comprehensive translation environment for individual translators, translation companies and enterprises. memoQ speeds up the process of translating text from one language to another with the aim to maximize global content and minimize the need for manual processes by automating basic tasks throughout the translation process.

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