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memoQ is evolving along with the ever-changing translation industry. We focus on developing solutions for emerging, real-world challenges in every segment of the translation industry. Two recent examples are Hey memoQ, introduced in memoQ 8.7, which allows users to use iOS devices to dictate their translations in more than 30 languages, and the memoQ Video Preview tool, which supports real-time subtitle translation. memoQ 9.0 continues this effort with new and improved features to make memoQ better.

With memoQ 9.0, we introduced a brand new interface for memoQWeb PM, new and updated Machine Translation (MT) plugins with special focus on neural MT (NMT), and several Quality Assurance (QA) improvements. 

memoQWeb is the browser-based translation environment that comes with memoQ server. In memoQ 9.0, project managers can now enjoy a more transparent and user-friendly memoQWeb interface with new features, such as the ability to create projects from scratch and manage translation memories and term bases directly in the Web interface, rather than having to return to the desktop interface for these functions!

Machine Translation technology is becoming more and more popular and we want memoQ users to be able to take advantage of its full potential. memoQ 9.0 supports the latest Microsoft MT plugin, Translator Text API v3.0, which is based entirely on neural translation. Its main feature is the Custom Translator, which enables users to build custom NMT models. Moreover, we updated DeepL, Kantan, Crossland, and Systran to their latest releases, and introduced Mirai Translation, a machine translation service from this innovative Japanese company. 

Quality Assurance has always been an essential part of memoQ. We understand the importance of QA reports, therefore, memoQ 9.0 users can now export QA reports on translation memories, too! Moreover, severity levels can be set for all QA options whether they are turned on or off in the current QA settings.

Document importing has also been improved in memoQ 9.0. To reduce the number of clicks, we merged “filter” and “configuration” into one column, making it easier to find customizable filters. Similarly, we also merged “action” and “languages” into one column.

We hope you enjoy using these new features as much as we enjoyed developing them for you! If you would like to know more about memoQ 9.0, please visit our website

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