memoQ 9.1 – Get to Know the Latest Features

Every memoQ release introduces new and updated features to further facilitate your work. The recently released memoQ 9.1 brings an integration with Antidote that saves time and increases translation quality in French and English, a new Intento machine translation gateway that provides access to more than 20 MT engines, and a new PDF preview tool that facilitates translating PDFs in memoQ, among other features.

At memoQ, our users’ needs have always been our top priority. We continually look for ways to maintain and improve this focus as our user base grows. Recently, we hired additional staff, created new processes, and channels that allow us to work more closely with our users in product development so we can be more responsive to emerging needs. The feedback and insights we receive from our users help us significantly in identifying and prioritizing important features that could be helpful additions to memoQ for many of our current and future customers. 

One of the most important new features in memoQ 9.1 is the Antidote integration. Antidote is a leading comprehensive writing assistance resource for French and English. To better support our steadily growing user base in the Americas, to celebrate our newly opened North American headquarters in Toronto, and to respond to frequent user requests, we are delighted to announce that Antidote’s corrector function is now integrated into memoQ 9.1.

If you use Antidote, you no longer have to export your documents from memoQ, open them in Word to run Antidote, and then reimport into memoQ. Now, Antidote’s corrector can be launched from memoQ at the press of a button. Antidote appears in a new window and the two tools communicate in real time. Any changes made in memoQ will simultaneously appear in Antidote (and vice versa). Moreover, you can easily run Antidote’s corrector in memoQ on more than one translation document at a time, with Antidote’s results appearing in separate windows. 

Another significant new feature is an integration with Intento, the first machine translation gateway in memoQ. Intento enables access to more than 20 MT providers using a single plugin. One of the main benefits of this integration is that memoQ users can now reach machine translation engines that are not already included in memoQ such as Amazon Translate, Baidu Translate, and Google Cloud AutoML.

The integration with Intento also offers a smart routing option that automatically selects the best machine translation engine for your project’s language pair. Intento determines the most efficient MT engine based on its most recent quarterly evaluation

memoQ 9.1 also brings our new PDF Preview Tool, which we developed to facilitate the translation of PDF files created in DTP software such as InDesign or FrameMaker. It eliminates the inconvenience that comes with looking for a segment in a PDF file while translating its source file in memoQ. If you have enabled the PDF Preview Tool, memoQ will connect the PDF and the source file. Then, when you work on a segment from the source file in memoQ, the PDF Preview Tool simultaneously locates and highlights that segment in the PDF file, in a separate window. 

memoQ 9.1 also has an update for the Mirai/COTOHA Translator plugin. It now offers both automatic pre- and post-translation text conversion.

Another small but important change is that the checkbox for counting cross-file repetitions now enables, rather than disables, this feature in memoQ statistics. This provides a more intuitive and consistent user experience. 

We hope that you will enjoy working with memoQ 9.1 and its new features! 

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