memoQ 9.2 – Boost Your Productivity with New memoQ Features!

Direct communication, feature requests, and the popular User Strikes back sessions at memoQfests are just some examples of how we acquire information about features our users want.

In memoQ 9.2, we responded to several user requests. Our latest release introduces a new option to separately select translation memories (TMs) and LiveDocs corpora for pre-translation, improved grammar checker which highlights all the words involved in the grammatical error, and a significant integration with Git-based repositories, among other improvements. 

Separate option to select resources for Pre-translation

We revamped the Pre-translate dialog in memoQ 9.2 so you can choose TMs/LiveDocs corpora to be used for pre-translation only, without affecting those to be used during translation. 

Until memoQ 9.2, the Pre-translate feature used all resources attached to the project by default. In order to narrow them, users had to switch back and forth between the project homepage and the pre-translate dialog to add and remove resources for pre-translation. Because of this, users sometimes forgot to add back in all relevant TMs/LiveDocs corpora for the project.

To eliminate this possibility and reduce the number of clicks in memoQ 9.2, now you can choose your resources for pre-translation separately! Add all relevant translation memories (TMs) and LiveDocs corpora when creating the project and later select all, some, or none of them for pre-translation without having to add them again or remove them for the rest of the project.

Improved grammar checker in memoQ 9.2

In memoQ 9.2, you can now enjoy an improved built-in grammar checker, which highlights all the words involved in the grammatical error, rather than the whole segment. 

Until now, if memoQ’s grammar checker detected an error in a sentence, it underlined the whole segment, which sometimes made it difficult to identify the actual mistake. The improved grammar checker addresses this issue as the highlighted range (only those words that are involved in the grammatical error) will provide hints about the nature of the grammatical errors.

This feature is also useful for Asian languages (such as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese) for which only grammar errors occur as these languages use symbols instead of letters. Furthermore, the grammar checker can detect multiple errors in a single sentence. 

The improved grammar checker will facilitate your work, boosting your productivity and efficiency when translating in memoQ.

Integration with Git-based repositories

memoQ 9.2 introduces an integration with Git and Git-based source repositories, such as GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket via a Git Connector, which complements the existing SVG connector in memoQ. The new integration handles single branch integration, implementing the current Content Connector functionality for the connector, which also provides the usual functionalities and automation possibilities (multiple connections, directory and file level filtering rules, export rule management) of memoQ. Read more about memoQ’s content connector here.

Additional improvements

  • In memoQ 9.2, a warning message will appear if you try to select any machine translation plugin that does not support any of the language pairs in your project. The aim of this feature is to prevent you from accidentally attaching the wrong MT plugin to your language pair.

  • memoQ 9.2 features improved MT-related error messaging by logging every such issue in the memoQ client/server log and by displaying more relevant messages when MT lookup or timeout errors happen in memoQ.

  • Updated Textra Machine Translation plugin

  • Enhanced password policy

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