memoQ 9.3 – Fine-Tuned for Even Better Performance

memoQ releases version 9.3

With every release, memoQ keeps getting better and version 9.3 is no exception.

As always, we talked to the people who know memoQ best: its users. They let us know about some of the features that were on the top of their wishlists – and we did our best to incorporate as many of those as possible. The results are clear: boosted productivity and better performance for enterprises, LSPs and linguists alike.

Project managers will love memoQWeb.

Take memoQWeb, for example. Last time around we gave it a fresh new look, a new coat of paint, if you will. This time we’ve lifted the hood and fine-tuned the engine, adding brand new features like a live preview that lets users see importable columns and their meanings in the term base, or TB. That way users can not just the see the result, they can modify settings. And, for memoQWeb 9.3, users will now be able to important term bases (TBs) from XLSX files.

At last. Batch operations are now supported. 

If there’s one thing our users have been consistent about in their feedback, it’s been the desire to be able to perform batch operations with resources. With 9.3, their wait is over. Users can now choose and add or remove multiple TMs and TBs in a single batch operation. What’s more, they can add multiple TMs and TBs to a multilingual project, with memoQ matching them to the right language pairs. It’s all incredibly simple and beautifully seamless.

Task Management in memoQWebTrans. Looking better. Working better.

While many prefer memoQ’s desktop editor, not everyone has a memoQ license of their own. That’s why we continue to port many of the best and most useful functions of the desktop to the web-based version. In this release, we have totally revamped the task management interface for memoQweb.

Next-level MT integration

Machine translation (MT) continues to gain not only momentum but increasing acceptance in the industry. That’s why memoQ’s MT integration has been kicked up a notch and now features better tag handling within Google MT and Microsoft MT plugins. That includes the ability to select HTML or XML. In addition, Amazon is now a MT plugin in memoQ 9.3.

Additional enhancements

As well as some of these big improvements, memoQ 9.3. has some smaller, but no less important, enhancements to functionality. Such as shorter TM and TB listing times with the client application’s resource console and project interfaces. And improved workflows with imported SDLXLIFF and SDLPPX files by enhancing language codes, track changes information and tag handling.

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