memoQ 9.4: Turbo-Charging Productivity

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memoQ is pleased to announce the release of its latest version, memoQ 9.4. 

With this release, users get some clever new features, as well as enhancements to existing features that are designed to streamline workflow. 

Trados Studio TM direct import

The Trados Studio TM import allows SDLTM files to be directly imported into memoQ TMs, even outside of packages. This is especially valuable for memoQ users collaborating with partners who use SDL Trados.

A revamped Resource Console combats “zombie resources”

The Resource Console is like Mission Control for memoQ users—and now, it is more intuitive, easier to use, and smarter.

memoQ is the translation management system of choice for many of the world’s largest corporations and language services providers. As these users accumulate various resources over the years, often in the tens of thousands, some of them inevitably become “zombie resources”—in other words, unused or outdated. These resources take up valuable server space and can cause confusion.

The revamped Resource Console introduces new filter fields, sorting options, and columns for displaying new metadata to help users keep better track of their translation memories (TMs), term bases (TBs) and LiveDocs corpora. Users now have a clear overview of whether a resource is used in projects, when it was last modified or used, and how many entries it contains, which can help them make informed decisions.

Leverage multiple resources at once

For many users, managing thousands—and sometimes tens of thousands—of heavy resources (TMs, TBs, LiveDocs) can be cumbersome. memoQ 9.4 makes things easier. Users can now add/remove multiple LiveDocs corpora in projects, export or delete multiple TMs, TBs, and LiveDocs corpora (with the appropriate permissions, of course!), and import multiple TMs in various file formats at the same time, either as separate TMs or merged into one TM.

New assignment workflow with memoQWeb

While most professional translators have a strong and enduring preference for powerful, robust, feature-rich desktop tools like memoQ’s translator pro, interest in the cloud is growing among localization project managers at corporations and language services providers. In recent years, memoQ has invested heavily in its web-based offering, releasing increasingly powerful project management functionality and web-first enhancements. With memoQ 9.4, project managers will find it easier to update assignments, deadlines, and statuses on the Translations page with a single click. This option will be especially appreciated by project managers when project specs change and things start to get hectic. And let’s face it, that’s pretty much the norm in our business!

Smoother system integration with Content Connector

Users looking for integrations with their own source systems will benefit from changes to memoQ’s Content Connector. The development of custom connectors is now considerably easier, and costs for integration projects will be reduced.

In addition, from now on the deployment of Content Connector will be separate from memoQ’s regular release cycle and licensing protocols.

MT plugins with even more advantages

With 9.4, memoQ has further improved the performance and reliability of MT plugins. The big news is that users now have the freedom to develop and test proprietary plugins on their servers without assistance from the memoQ team.

For the Microsoft MT plugin, segment exclusion is now possible based on regular expressions or the number of tags in the segment. 

For the Intento MT plugin, some of the issues around the translation of tagged documents have been resolved, and the glitches associated with Smart Routing have been eliminated completely. In addition, the Intento MT plugin now supports HTTP proxies for users with specific security requirements or network restrictions.

Protemos integration: Just a click away

memoQ’s seamless integrations with industry-leading business management systems like Plunet, XTRF, and FlowFit have been one of the reasons behind its enduring value to language services providers. Now, you can add Protemos to that list.

With one click, Protemos projects can be reproduced in memoQ, complete with all the relevant information and files – and vice versa. Designed to smooth the transfer of projects between the two systems and eliminate manual copy-and-paste function, memoQ’s new Protemos integration will be welcome news for many users.

Grammar Check improvements

The “ignore once” feature of the grammar check now skips only a single instance of an error rather than skipping the entire segment containing the error. This helps ensure that every single error in a document is identified and fixed.

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