memoQ Leadership in SaaS

collaborative translation environment and TMS memoQ

The breakthrough memoQ server was introduced 15 years ago with the aim of providing a complete environment that makes translation and related management work easy and simple. In the first decade, buying a perpetual license with an on-premise deployment was the dominant option available. Then, in 2014, memoQ – then Kilgray – introduced memoQ cloud, a new deployment method that, just as importantly, brought a new licensing model with it—subscriptions. memoQ cloud became memoQ’s fastest selling product, growing over 80% in 2018 alone.

memoQ cloud is available through three different regional centers for the benefits of proximity. One of these centers is in Europe, the other two are the MS Azure Japan East and West US centers. Chosen for reliability, the regional infrastructure centers make memoQ cloud one of the most reliable SaaS products.

Beyond cloud deployment, the subscription model has also grown prevalent, with over half of our new customers choosing this licensing method. memoQ is increasingly recognized as a leader in SaaS, recently ranked as the “fastest growing global translation technology company” in the SaaS 1000 list (#407 –

Freedom of Choice

As of the beginning of 2019, memoQ is giving their customers the option of subscription licensing for all deployment options, not just cloud deployments. Small or large organizations can have both the security and robustness of an on-premise memoQ server deployment and the many advantages of subscription licensing. In other words, deployment and licensing are unbundled—cloud and subscription are no longer tied to each other.

Altogether, the memoQ server is now available in three deployment and two licensing options giving the best range in the translation technology industry and providing customers the ultimate freedom of choice. Each option offers unique benefits.

So, which choice is right for you?

There are no right or wrong choices, only what is a good fit for your business, therefore, memoQ has created a concise, easy guide to help selection.

Download it here for free with the possibility to book a free consultation as well.