memoQ Ranks Top-of-Mind in Latest Nimdzi Research

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Amid tough competition, memoQ has ranked #1 in top-of-mind status for providers in the Translation Management System (TMS) area, according to a piece just published by Nimdzi.

For its latest report on the TMS landscape, Nimdzi surveyed localization buyers from around the world. As well as giving their general impressions of the TMS landscape, these experts were asked which providers they work with and what the biggest challenges they face are. And memoQ grabbed the top spot for mindshare, as defined by frequency of mentions by members of the panel.

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From Budapest to the world

memoQ is an independent technology company. Founded 16 years ago in Budapest, it now has regional headquarters in five major cities – Budapest, Toronto, Bonn, Kraków and Tokyo – and services many of the Nimdzi100 language service companies, in addition to hundreds of other enterprises and an ever-growing community of freelance translators.

The rise and rise of memoQ

There’s a reason why so many LSPs and corporate localization departments choose memoQ to help meet their complex needs. In fact, there are ten of them:

  1. Scalability. memoQ won’t crack under pressure and can support high-intensity operations. 
  2. Automated processing. Project managers love memoQ’s powerful templates. Automating pre- and post-processing tasks helps them achieve more consistent results and save time.
  3. Versatile deployment. Choose from on-premises, multi-tenant (public) cloud and single-tenant private cloud deployment options. 
  4. Flexible licensing. Perpetual or SaaS licensing. Licensing and deployment are de-bundled. 
  5. Security. memoQ offers the option of deploying the server and client workstations on internal networks. What’s more, it can be used as a secure local environment wherever confidentiality and security are paramount. 
  6. To web or not to web. memoQ offers both web-based and local client working environments, and both score highly for user-friendliness. This flexibility is incredibly beneficial to both clients and translators alike.
  7. Handling unusual file types. memoQ lets you extract translatable content from some of the weirdest file formats out there.
  8. Recycling old translations with LiveDocs. Users can align multiple files in just seconds and use them later as reference files. LiveDocs preserves whole translated documents, not just segments. 
  9. License as you go. Fear not – a spike in the number of translation projects doesn’t have to mean disruption.
  10. Interoperability. Designed from the start to support rather than thwart interoperability, memoQ is on your side when the going gets tough.

memoQ complements your existing translation management system, no matter how challenging your translation tasks. Want to find out more? Download our free ebook: memoQ as a Companion Translation Management System.