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memoQ offers an innovative translation environment for localization teams and freelance translators with two different solutions specifically developed for collaboration and individual work.

memoQ’s team solutions – such as memoQ server – have been collectively transformed into a full-fledged, highly customizable translation management system, called memoQ TMS, to reflect its evolvement throughout the years.

The memoQ translation management system (TMS) is specifically developed for teams of any size to optimize and manage workflows efficiently. The potential of memoQ TMS goes way beyond a simple CAT tool. 

As Peter Reynolds, memoQ Co-CEO noted: “Our primary focus is the premium translation sector. This is where professional translators and project managers must play an essential role in the process. Our technology plus their skills and experience offers augmented translation.”

memoQ TMS is a highly customizable translation management system capable of meeting the unique needs of any localization team. It provides more control over localization projects, is ready to be used as a unified source of terminology across all projects, and its custom solutions make it easy to be incorporated into any company’s workflows.

“We quickly realized that it offers exactly the workflows we need to achieve our goals. We deal with a lot of products, so it’s important for us that the service is not limited to a certain number of translations.” – shared Janina Ruebsam, Team Lead Trade & Product Marketing at ASUS.

The success of memoQ is credited to its users. memoQ TMS aims to enable its users to perform better and save time by equipping them with features that are essential to further develop the workflows of language service providers and enterprises. 

Balázs Kis, Co-CEO highlighted this approach: “Our customers are talented and knowledgeable professionals. They have the skills and know-how to create and run the most intricate localization workflows—and how to use our technology effectively to do that. memoQ’s purpose is to ensure that they don’t simply get the work done—but that they thrive with this.”

memoQ TMS is available in three different deployment options to ensure maximum security and to make sure that organizations take full advantage of the solution. memoQ TMS cloud is a compact but powerful offering for smaller-sized teams, memoQ TMS cloud+ is developed for growing translation teams, and memoQ TMS private cloud is the ideal choice for enterprises and bigger localization teams. Moreover, freelance translators using memoQ translator pro can easily join the workflows of any organization they work with. Watch the latest TMS campaign video here.

If you would like your company to thrive with premium translation, take advantage of the 30-day free trial of memoQ TMS cloud. 

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About memoQ

memoQ is a leading collaborative translation environment and TMS delivering premium solutions to the translation industry since 2004. memoQ is dedicated to providing innovation through diverse developments that empower hundreds of thousands of enterprises, translation companies, and freelance translators worldwide. 

Keeping in mind both simplicity and effective translation processes, memoQ leverages its ease of use, collaboration, and interoperability in one complex solution. 

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