memoQ Trend Report 2018

Predicting the future is never easy – it always comes just in parts. During the Space Age, mankind imagined a future. This imagined future was characterized by several new technologies like rocketry, robotics, computers, material science and other areas that seemed to be in rapid development. If we look at retro-futuristic images from this era, we can easily be fascinated and think about the contrasts of what we see and what we get today…

With that in mind, the memoQ team has published its first trend report for 2018 exploring the most important developments that will influence the landscape of translation technology and related fields this year. The report has been crafted as a website and is centered on discussions and debates over seven themes: Artificial Intelligence, Convergence and Connectivity, User Experience, Cloud, New Media, Business, and Factory. Each of them features a series of articles and commentaries by memoQ team members and experts from within the translation technology industry.

Brúnó Bitter, Head of Marketing at memoQ, best sums up the goal of this report: “We wanted to create a trend report, which is not overly assertive and leaves room for uncertainty, doubts and even freedom for debate within our organization regarding the potential and merits of certain technologies”.

Check out the memoQ Trend Report 2018 and tell us what you think by visiting the website here.

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