Memose TMS: Integration with Intento MT Hub

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Logrus Global has released Memose BETA, a cloud-based translation memory server with CAT-tool functionality. This super-scalable, ultrafast translation memory and CAT tool (TM+CAT) engine is based on cutting-edge technologies and provides the following capabilities:

  • Bilingual big data at your fingertips: All your legacy TMs and glossaries for all language pairs contained within a centralized, multilingual, cloud-based TM, with management and immediate application of all translation memories from the cloud. 
  • A cloud-based, multiplatform product that doesn’t require the installation of desktop software, with quick, easy access for internal and external users via Web browser regardless of their locations.
  • Instant search through millions of bilingual TM records for the industry’s fastest concordance search including glossary terms and phrases.
  • Import and export of TMX with filter criteria.
  • The ability to create project TMs for desktop or cloud tools for offline or hybrid translation outside of Memose.
  • Translation with the Memose Translation Editor.
  • Translators work faster and more effectively by reusing translations and terminologies from previous translations and glossaries uploaded to the central TM repository.
  • Memose Translation Editor allows users to choose the best proposal from set of machine translation (MT) engines preselected for translator and editor.
  • Process steps can be initiated with Memose for different actor roles (translation, editing, etc.).
  • Automated cleanup of linguistic data as the TM is uploaded.

The key features of Memose are the enhanced security and confidentiality:

  • Optional system deployment within the client’s corporate intranet
  • Full control of access rights with different user roles
  • Translation process steps with jobs reassigned to different actors

Neural machine translation (NMT) continues to develop, with new providers entering the marketplace. Raw MT quality is increasing, driven by the growing number of competing MT solutions. To address the challenge of choosing the best-fitting MT provider, Intento has recently introduced its Enterprise MT Hub: a subscription-based API gateway to almost all MT engines available in the market. 

In Memose, the project managers can switch on MT proposals from different engines both directly and via Intento API for translator to choose best MT proposal when post-editing. Both the translator and editor can access several selected TM+MT suggestions instantly to enjoy a shorter post-editing time and faster overall cycle. Choice from several engines reduces noise and improves the number of editable proposals available to translator and editor. 

The proof of the pudding is in the eating – Memose is a great tool to run a pilot on client content to select engines and translation team to deliver client-desired quality, and get measurement results as important decision-making data with guarantee that the quality meets client specifications. 

Our R&D efforts have resulted in this new-generation, ultrafast Memose Translation Memory server, making TM Big Data, Memose Editor & Intento Enterprise MT Hub available to your enterprise in partnership with Intento.

The Beta is available for demonstration and evaluation in Logrus Global Localization Cloud.

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