Memsource 6.0: PDF Translation, CMS Connector, Faster Web Editor

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The new version of Memsource introduces radical new improvements for translation and project management.


Major features:

  • Significantly faster Web Editor workbench
  • Direct PDF translations via TransPDF
  • Connectors to FTP, Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Option to edit TMs and TBs in existing project templates

Integration with PDF conversion tool Iceni TransPDF means users can now also import a PDF, translate it in Memsource Editor or Web Editor, and rebuild it in the target language. TransPDF converts PDF files to XLIFF formats and back, meaning users will be able to import and process PDF files normally, download translations as PDFs from Memsource Cloud, and post-edit in Iceni Infix PDF Editor.

With the new CMS connector, users can now sync Memsource accounts with Dropbox, Google Drive, and FTP folders and create translation jobs directly from these locations. This allows both manual and automatic file import. Memsource will now automatically check for new files on a regular basis, retrieve them for translation, and upload them back to the online folder with a modified name after translation is completed.

And the integration of the Globalese machine translation engine means users will now have the option of receiving MT suggestions trained in a specific subject matter area while they work in Memsource.

Salesforce integration will allow the downloading and importing of files directly from, which should prove particularly useful for LSPs that use Salesforce and Memsource combined. It should also prove extremely useful when preparing personalized mass email campaigns, as thousands of names can be translated into another alphabet (Latin into hieroglyphic, Cyrillic, or Arabic) quickly without the help of any translation memory.

Other upgrades include an improved and simplified job board design, an optimized spellchecker, bug fixes, and a switch to continuous deployment, meaning there will be no more maintenance or system downtime.