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Prague, Czech Republic: November 18th, 2021 – Memsource, the AI-powered translation management system, has launched a subscription-based model for machine translation (MT) with the Memsource Translate Add-on. For a flat fee, users will receive unlimited machine translation for post-editing from leading MT providers, together with advanced MT management features. 

The new pricing model allows users to make their MT spending more predictable by replacing the pay-as-you-go model with a fixed monthly payment. Subscribers get access to four MT engines: Amazon Translate, Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, and Tencent TranSmart. Users can enable multiple or all engines, and rely on the integrated MT Autoselect feature to choose the optimal provider for their content. More engines are expected to be added in the coming months. 

“Our new Add-on allows our customers to stop thinking about MT in terms of characters, and instead focus on its potential to transform their workflows. The fixed pricing helps create predictable budgets for our customers and removes the hassle of purchasing characters as they translate” said Dalibor Frívaldský, Memsource’s Chief Innovation Officer. 

The launch of the new pricing model also expands Memsource Translate’s existing MT management features. In addition to MT Autoselect, MT Quality Estimation, and MT Profiles, users will now be able to customize the performance of their engines with integrated MT Glossaries. 

Glossaries, sometimes referred to as custom terminology or custom vocabulary, are a collection of words and phrases with a preferred translation, functioning similarly to a term base. When attached to MT engines, glossaries help users improve the quality of the MT output by ensuring that the MT engines correctly apply company-specific terminology. Before a source text is translated by an MT engine, it will compare the attached glossary file to the source text to identify terms that have a preferred translation and apply those. So instead of translating a product name like “Memsource Translate” into “Memsource Übersetzen”, it will correctly preserve the product name “Memsource Translate” as defined in the glossary. 

“With MT Glossaries, we expect our customers to reduce the error rate for company-specific terminology by 80%” said Jan Hofmeister, Product Manager at Memsource. 

Previously, to use glossaries, users had to upload and manage them outside Memsource with each individual MT provider. Full integration in Memsource Translate makes it easy to manage and use glossaries without having to leave your translation management system. Your custom terminology can be uploaded, edited, and deployed across multiple engines directly from the TMS. 

Dalibor Frívaldský said: “MT Glossaries are part of our wider effort to make machine translation as accessible and effective for our users as possible. The addition of this much-requested feature will give users more control over the deployment of their terminology, ultimately increasing quality and reducing post-editing effort. We hope in the near future to further build on this with other innovative features ” 

To learn more about Memsource Translate’s new pricing plan and improved features, join our webinar schedule for November 30th 2021. 

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