Memsource Mobile: First Mobile App to Offer Complete Translation Tool for PMs and Linguists

We live in an increasingly mobile world. It is estimated that 3.7 billion global Internet users (nearly 75% of all users) will be “mobile-only by 2025.”1 Due in large part to the advent of mobile technologies, this shift from desktop to mobile is driving the market’s direction and setting new trends. In the language services industry, this is certainly the case as developers continue to create innovative ways to service the global market.

For business travelers and vacationers, there are now numerous mobile translation apps that facilitate communication. By simply speaking into their mobile device or typing in a word or phrase, users receive a usable target language equivalent within seconds — no more communication breakdowns with taxi drivers or the hotel concierge. There are even mobile apps available with image recognition, further enhancing effective global communication for those traveling abroad.

But what about mobile-friendly translation management software? Considering the global nature of the language services industry, frequent travel for both project managers and translators is often part of the job commitment. Even when traveling, project managers and linguists need to stay abreast of project milestones, accept new project requests, and work on ongoing translation projects. Since the CAT and TMS tools currently on the market have not been optimized for a mobile device, traveling with a bulky laptop has, so far, been the only solution. However, the latest version of the Memsource Mobile App is about to disrupt the market.

Accept, Manage, and Translate Projects via Mobile

Memsource Mobile, which was previously an on-the-go project management app, now includes the first mobile-based CAT tool, Memsource Editor for Mobile. Users can now accept, manage, and translate projects while on the move all from within one environment. Memsource Editor for Mobile has been added to the existing translation project management application with two main use cases in mind.

  1. Enable users to quickly and flexibly translate urgent, shorter jobs
  2. Review and post-edit jobs without need of laptop or desktop computer

Smaller, More Frequent Jobs, with Faster Turnaround Times

Technological advances are once again setting new industry trends. New technology increases translation productivity and efficiency, prompting end users to demand smaller, more frequent translation jobs, with faster turnaround times. In an effort to meet these demands, companies targeting a global audience are eager to find new ways to quickly and flexibly translate content such as UI strings and customer service emails. Project managers and linguists are also looking for innovative ways to provide swift multilingual content with a personable touch. With the addition of its Editor for Mobile, the Memsource Mobile app is gearing up to be that all-in-one industry solution.

While the new editor addition is best suited for more urgent, shorter jobs and smaller pieces of content (due to the limitations of mobile devices), the translation tool offers the same basic functionality as both the Memsource Editor for Desktop and Memsource Editor for Web, leveraging all the same resources. This new addition also allows users to review and post-edit jobs.

Effective Translation and Communication

The project management features of Memsource Mobile remain the same in this new version. PMs can create and upload jobs, attach termbases and translation memories, receive push notifications for monitoring translation progress, and view progress dashboards. Linguists, too, are able to receive push notifications to accept or decline jobs, see an overview of their translation jobs, and switch between different client accounts. But now with the Mobile Editor component, translators and PMs can do much more.

All from within the mobile app, translators and PMs can carry out segment-by-segment translations and reviews using all the CAT Pane translation resources they normally would, including matches from machine translation engines, term bases, and translation memories. While on the move, users can provide immediate response times and full accessibility to their clients.

Companies Can Gain a Competitive Edge Going Mobile

The key measure of success for any business is customer satisfaction. As the localization industry shifts toward shorter translation projects with quicker turnaround times, companies need to find innovative solutions to communicate effectively with their clients and satisfy their increasing demands. “Memsource has always been about providing flexible, user-friendly, and innovative solutions,” said Memsource Founder and CEO, David Canek. “When TMS servers were the norm, we built in the cloud, and now at a time when Desktop or Web CAT tools are most common, we have built the Memsource Editor for Mobile. We are always striving to help our customers reach new localization heights.”

Remaining competitive in today’s digital climate requires the adoption of advanced technology. Businesses that recognize the impact of mobile and plan accordingly will continue to satisfy their clients’ evolving needs — and Memsource Editor for Mobile might just help them gain that competitive edge.

Want to try out the app? Download is available for both Android and iOS users. For more information, contact the Memsource team, or read more on the Memsource website.

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