Memsource Translate: Unlock the Potential of Machine Translation

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Memsource is proud to announce the release of Memsource Translate, an AI-powered machine translation management solution that automatically selects the optimal MT engine for the user’s content.

Memsource Translate aims to help linguists, translation companies, and enterprise customers achieve better results with machine translation by dynamically integrating the process of engine evaluation and choice into existing workflows. By avoiding costly and time-consuming engine testing, users of Memsource can leverage the power of machine translation to deliver better translations, quickly and efficiently.

The algorithm behind Memsource Translate is driven by past engine performance data to select the optimal engine for a given domain and language pair. For English source documents, Memsource Translate can automatically identify the document’s domain, further reducing the need for human input. Data is collected in real-time to generate engine recommendations, which are continuously improved as more content is translated.

Memsource Translate comes with three fully integrated engines that can be used with no setup and a unified payment scheme. Users can quickly start translating with Amazon Translate, Google Translate, or Microsoft Translator, with a free set of characters provided to every new account to trial this feature.

Additional engines may be added to Memsource Translate to help users customize their experience. The list of supported generic engines currently includes DeepL, Human Science, NpatMT, and Yandex, with plans to expand this selection further over the coming months. Google AutoML, Microsoft Custom Translator, and Systran PNMT can also be added as customizable engines for enterprise customers.

David Canek, Founder and CEO of Memsource, said: “Since we started an internal AI team in 2017, we’ve been looking for new ways to help customers take advantage of machine translation. Our data has shown that the rapid increase in machine translation quality over the past few years has not been matched by a proportionate increase in usage, largely due to the complexity of testing and implementing machine translation technology. Memsource Translate is a part of our machine translation enablement drive, which aims to help both existing and new customers reduce translation costs and turnaround times while maintaining enterprise-grade translation quality.”