Microsoft Partner FlowFit to Work With More European, North American LSPs, Enterprises

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Developing a project management system as the only Microsoft Partner available on Azure has boosted business at Consoltec — rocketing demand for its flagship product, FlowFit, by 25%, year over year, across the last three to four years.

The FlowFit user base has continued to expand through the global lockdowns as the big shift online raised concerns over data privacy, security, and disaster recovery — principles baked into the DNA of the Canada-based developer of linguistic project management systems.

Founded 20 years ago and initially engineered to serve the translation units of its enterprise clients, Consoltec evolved to serve the global accounting industry’s Big Four. From then on, the company established a long track record of meeting the requirements of highly regulated industries. Consoltec was also recently named as one of top three service companies in the region by the Eastern Montreal Chamber of Commerce.

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Other markets currently represented in Consoltec’s client portfolio include Pharmaceutical, Legal, Business Intelligence and Consulting, Insurance, Finance, Retail and Distribution, Academic Institutions, Gaming Companies, International Organizations, and Government Institutions.

Microsoft Azure Advantage

Since Consoltec’s flagship product, FlowFit, has been developed on such platforms as Azure, the company’s entire suite is fully compliant with Microsoft’s product security standards. It is a synergy Consoltec leverages to serve its growing client portfolio.

This fall, Microsoft will start to market FlowFit to their main customers in Europe and North America via Microsoft Marketplace. Thus, Consoltec is supported by the Microsoft infrastructure — including certifications around security and compliance — as it expands its customer base.

This longstanding partnership with Microsoft has helped Consoltec effectively partner with both enterprise linguistic departments and language service providers (LSPs). Schedule a FlowFit demo today.

Customized for Both LSP and Enterprise

Consoltec has also built partnerships with over a hundred clients worldwide, offering the kind of flexibility and user experience demanded by highly regulated and complex industries from their chosen translation business management system.

For two decades, Consoltec has worked with leading enterprises to meet a wide range of stringent requirements. In its 20th year, the company has opened up its services to language service providers as well.

Relying on past consulting experiences — and a close collaboration with LSPs in Canada to build critical features — Consoltec now delivers a platform expressly created for the LSP to meet the needs of the market.

Here’s what one client had to say about FlowFit

“The full LSP version of FlowFit is synchronized with translation memory tools, which allows the system to base invoicing information on CAT analysis,” according to Jean-François Mur, President of Consoltec.

“We can finally welcome on board all the translation agencies that have appreciated FlowFit’s amazing capabilities and have eagerly awaited its new financial features,” he added.

The Consoltec President pointed out that the FlowFit Virtual Coordinator already enabled translation project managers to, among other things, create CAT-tool projects, allocate resources, set deadlines, and monitor the progress of work in real time from within the FlowFit platform. “The new version, however, allows greater flexibility and the ability to perform many different actions based on triggers,” he pointed out. Schedule your free demo here.

As for available integrations, he said Consoltec’s main TMS partner is memoQ, with whom the company has “a strong partnership.” In addition, FlowFit also connects to Trados, GroupShare (RWS), LogiTerm (Terminotix), and will soon add Memsource. For machine translation, FlowFit can integrate into Systran, Alexa Translations, and Intento.

According to Jean-François, “After successfully integrating machine translation (MT) tasks into the workflow, our next major release will include MT in the FlowFit Client Portal. That way, requesters can use MT to, for example, translate documents without leaving the platform (i.e., instead of using free online translation tools and leaving company data on the Web). This makes the process more efficient in cases when TMS tools aren’t really necessary.”

Adaptable to Translation-Adjacent Sectors

Client feedback has shown that FlowFit cuts overall work time in half by reducing time spent on admin tasks and leaving more hours for project managers to focus on translation-critical work.

To further give project managers oversight on LSP or enterprise resources, FlowFit recently added fully customizable FlowFit Evaluation Forms — which can be used to track a range of variables, including translation turnaround time, subject-matter expertise, geographies, etc.

Moreover, FlowFit comes with three customizable portals designed to enable clients, project managers, and suppliers to streamline their processes through a high level of flexibility, advanced automation capabilities, and an outstanding user experience.

The Consoltec President said they look forward to partnering with translation-adjacent industries, including video game localization, interpretation, subtitling, and marketing communications.