Milestone Localization Releases A Report On Freelancing In The Language Industry

Freelancing In The Language Industry-Report by Milestone Localization

[BENGALURU, KA, 27 June, 2023] — Milestone Localization, one of the leading providers of professional translation and localization services, announces the release of its much-awaited survey report titled “The State of Freelancing in the Language Industry.” The report sheds light on the experiences of freelancers in the language industry and their outlook on the impact of technological advancements on their profession.

The survey was intended to gain deeper insights into the opportunities and challenges freelancers face in the language industry. It was open to freelance language professionals across the globe for three months and received 877 responses. The participants were asked about their work profile, working habits, knowledge and skills, income, clients, and their views on the impact of AI in translation. The survey unveiled significant findings and offered valuable insights into their professional lives.

Key findings from the report

  1. Income satisfaction: The survey revealed that 53.36% of respondents are satisfied with their freelancing income in their language industry.
  2. Client retention: 40.36% of the respondents earned more than 75% of their income from returning clients, emphasising the importance of building strong and enduring professional relationships with clients. It also highlights the potential for earning a recurring and sustainable income via freelancing in the language industry.
  3. Impact of AI on workflow: A significant 73.71% of respondents who incorporated AI, automation, or machine translation tools reported improved productivity and efficiency. However, 57.6% of the respondents view AI translation tools as a threat to their profession.
  4. Recommending freelancing: A notable 69.21% of the respondents are likely to recommend freelancing to others.

The report also includes quotes from experienced freelance professionals and industry experts.

The full report is available at – The State Of Freelancing In The Language Industry 

Its comprehensive findings are not only beneficial for experienced freelancers but also for newcomers and other stakeholders in the language industry, providing valuable insights into this field.

About Milestone Localization:

Milestone Localization is an ISO 17100-certified language service provider offering end-to-end translation and localization services to businesses across the globe. Quality is at the core of all the operations at Milestone, and it continuously strives to deliver exceptional services to clients. Through a network of over 1400 linguists across the globe, Milestone Localization caters to a wide array of industries, including medical devices, corporate training, legal, gaming, and others.